Shri Shri Nimishananda's New Book on Meditation

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Between You and Me Meditation Made Simple by Shri Shri Nimishananda

A classic on meditation (Book Review)

By M.R. Narayan Swamy

Book: "Meditation Made Simple"

Author: Shri Nimishananda

Publishers: Konark PublishersNew Delhi; Pages: 239;


To call this book on meditation a veritable treasure will be an understatement. The great significance of this work lies in the fact that it will be immensely useful both to those entering the world of meditation and those already on the path. In this yoga era, to write such a gripping book on mediation can only mean that the author is an undoubted authority on the subject.

Shri Nimishananda is indeed one. An Enlightened Master, as he his fondly addressed, he reaches out to people from all age groups. He is a much sought after writer cum speaker. And he packs his core inner strengths with an art of writing that is truly captivating.The book is divided into nine logical chapters, each further sub-divided in three to five parts. This is not a book that you just can read and clam up.

Nimishananda gently takes you along the path of Meditation, asking the reader every now and then to take a break for five or seven days to practice what has been taught until then. It would take four and a half months to imbibe the book if one is a genuine seeker.Employing simple prose and using umpteen real time examples, Nimishananda convinces the reader that meditation is the key to a better life. Those reading this book can only come to this conclusion. No subject is left uncovered: thoughts, mindsets, faith, ego, willpower, right food, temptations, cravings, addictions, attachments, friends, foes, senses, speech, breath, nature, devotion, external worship, pilgrimages, tension, moods et al.The one special attraction of this book (the credit for that should probably go to the publisher) are the little boxes that summarize the strength of each page. For all times to come, this will be considered an authoritative book on meditation. It will well prove to be a life changer to innumerable people. Mark my words.

(M.R. Narayan Swamy- Indo-Asian News Service