Shri Ramakant Maharaj – Forerunner of 'Post-Neo-Advaita' Movement

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The emergence of Shri Ramakant Maharaj as a rare and authentic teacher is attracting numerous disenchanted seekers. Is he the catalyst that will herald change? Have we entered the 'Post-Neo-Advaita' period?

Shri Ramakant Maharaj spent nearly 20 years with Nisargadatta Maharaj and is bringing progressively more seekers out of illusion. Unlike a number of contemporary spiritual teachers, he has no commercial interest, nor is he looking for any followers. His humble wish is to alleviate human suffering by sharing “right knowledge”, and thereby dissolving and eradicating “wrong knowledge”. He often says, “It is my duty to share this knowledge, the same knowledge that my Master, Shri Nisargadatta, shared with me”.

He is a unique teacher who takes serious seekers “beyond knowledge”. Maharaj has arrived! He is here for those who have grown tired of spiritual entertainment, and maybe even exhausted the Satsang circuit. It is often said that, “when you meet a true Master you meet yourself”. This is the real meaning of Satsang – when self finally meets Self. Seekers in the West will now be able to meet Shri Ramakant when he visits the USA later this year. This historical event will present them with a golden opportunity “to know themselves in a real sense”, and to finally come out of the vicious circle of illusion.

Both effort and drive are needed to “know thyself'. Self-enquiry is essential, as well as guidance from a Self-Realized Master. Only he can be a competent guide, as he has had first-hand knowledge of the (illusory) process, and therefore knows all of the details. “I am not giving you anything new”, Maharaj says, “I am just showing you what is already within you. There is no difference between us. This is your knowledge. Reclaim what is yours, and stop running here and there. With the light in your hand, you were running after the dark”.

Shri Ramakant Maharaj does not charge for Satsang. Even Papaji, whom many would say, was responsible for instigating the Neo-Advaita movement – insisted that spiritual truth and money do not mix. Speaking on this subject, he often said: “Money contaminates and corrupts the Satsang, and renders it impure”. Shri Ramakant shares knowledge freely. He only asks for a deposit – the surrender of the mind, ego, intellect, so that he can guide the seeker back to his true home, his True Essence - the Stateless State, that is prior to knowledge. “When you realize that everything is within you, there will be happiness without any material cause. Your happiness is my happiness”, the Master says graciously.

These teachings are fresh, ground-breaking, pragmatic, spontaneous and direct from Source. Truth is not up for debate: “There is no present, no now. You are unborn, so, whose present? Whose now?” “Why keep travelling, when you are the destination?” “You have visited this and that teacher, but have you visited the Visitor?” “You have read all these books, but have you read the Reader?” “No knowledge is knowledge”, etc.

Whether teachers or seekers welcome it or not, it seems that we have entered the Post-Neo-Advaita era in the form of Shri Ramakant Maharaj, whose only motivation is to uncover one's true essential nature, and help seekers reawaken that Masterly Essence which is already within them.

What makes Shri Ramakant Maharaj different from today's popular Neo-Advaitin teachers? This Master does not speak using the mind, ego, intellect. He is "beyond words and worlds". He speaks spontaneously and directly from the "bottomless bottom of Reality". Such high and rare knowledge has not been heard with such command, clarity and power, since Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj's day.

“All these teachings”, he says, “are for the unborn child who has forgotten his identity”. The Master is simply here to remind us.

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