Shri Guru Gita---2

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18. There is no greater Reality than the Guru, there is no greater austerity than (the worship of) the Guru, there is no knowledge greater than the Guru (who is Knowledge or Brahman Itself).

19. My Lord is the Lord of the universe, my Guru is the Guru of the universe (God), my Self is the Self in all beings. Prostrations to the Guru.

20. The Guru is the Cause, but has himself no cause or beginning. (This statement is made by identifying the Guru with Brahman, which is the Cause of the universe, but Itself has no cause. It is a fundamental principle in our tradition that the Guru should not be looked upon as a mere human being, but should be considered as Brahman or God Himself. The real import of many of the verses here can be properly understood only if this principle is kept in mind). The Guru is the supreme God. There is no mantra equal to the mantra of the Guru.

21. When proper discrimination arises, it will be realised that the Guru alone is the supreme well-wisher. The Guru is the embodiment of all Dharma. Prostrations to the Guru.

22. The universe exists in the Guru and the Guru is in the universe. The Guru is himself the universe. Prostrations to the Guru.

23. Prostrations to the Guru who shows the way of liberation for those who have got caught in the forest of Samsara (transmigration) and are bewildered by delusion.

24. O Uma, for the creatures who are agitated in mind and tormented by the fire of the three kinds of affliction (those of the body, those from other creatures and those caused by divine forces), the Guru is like the great Ganga river. Prostrations to the Guru.

25. All living beings have been bitten by the snake of ignorance. The Lord in the form of knowledge (Guru) is the only physician for them. Prostrations to the Guru.

26. Prostrations to the Guru who is Lord Siva Himself, who is the cause of the universe, who is the bridge for crossing the ocean of Samsara and who is the lord of all knowledge.

27. The form of the Guru is the object of meditation, the feet of the guru are the object of worship, the words of the Guru are the mantra and the grace of the Guru is the means of liberation.


There is nothing in all the three worlds that can be considered as comparable to the Sadguru who imparts Self-knowledge (Atmajnaana). It may perhaps be thought that the legendary philosopher’s stone would be a fit comparison, because it turns base metal into gold, just as the Guru turns an ordinary disciple into a realised soul. But even this comparison is not apt because, the philosopher’s stone does not convert the base metal into another philosopher’s stone like itself, whereas the Guru makes the disciple another Guru like himself. The Guru is therefore incomparable in all the three worlds. [Sloka-1, Satasloki of Sri Adi Sankara]