Showing Others the Way

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The Council: You may find it much easier to help others when you first help yourself. If you have something of value to offer others, let them see what it has done for you, not by your words but by the way you conduct yourself with others. What should be each of your missions in life is that you do one good deed a day, regardless of how small, regardless of how big. If you can achieve one good act a day, what you have to offer will become quite noticeable to others. It is by these activities then they will accept what you have to offer, not by your words but by the way you live your life. You cannot point the way if you have not seen it yourself, and you can only know if you have found the way, when you have reached that point and have been able to turn around and see where you used to be. May this Divine Source, our God, our Father, that feeds and blesses us and encompasses us in His Growth and in His Glorification, all those Blessings that we derive from that Source, may we humbly share with each and every one of you.

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