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13 de octubre de 2013 a la(s) 15:25
Dear friends:
Everything started whenI was seventeen years of age. Now at seventy one is time to share “the secrets”
Because nobody knowswhen our departure time is, I need to leave you with the bests tips that haveaided me so far.
In order to be able to helppeople in very effective ways, I have used the moon phases, the day of the weekwhen people were born plus the seven year life cycle.

From the new moon to the full moon is when all ourchakras begin their strong activity. In other words, is a spiritual moon, sofrom the full moon to the new moon is purely material. Being material doesn’tmean it’s a bad moon, it means we can improve our physical well being easily,in martial arts is when you train very, very hard to get stamina, reliablereflexes, and endurance. If you enjoy dancing it’s the best moment to improveyour dancing.
My experience has taught me many very usefulthings, for example I posses a $10,000 dollar secret regarding listening toself-help audio files; They tell you tolisten to a specific audio tape for thirty days to guarantee the tape’seffectiveness. According to my discovery you only need to very specific days tolisten to the tape so all the information must be absorb easily and permanentlyin your subconscious mind. For you dearest friends will be absolutely free!This ptinciple also can be applied with very positive results in EFT,appoinments with your psychologist or psychiatrist.

The other discovery I made is that of using yourday number one as the day of the week that you were born in, foe example ,let’s say it is a friday.I have designed with different activities the rest ofthe last remaining days. For example day number three is physical, day four ismental, day five is spiritual.On this day the recalling of past lives is anexcellent day,THIS day sixth is for enjoying and relaxing and the seventh dayis your frustration day, on this day even if you’re right about something, youwill surely lose if you have a spouse you should never argue with him, her. Soday number one is the luckiest day of the week, is the day we must dedicate oour always wise and powerful soul peronality also named our master within.

On this specific day you must do the tapping usingthe following affirmation:

“Today, tomorrow and always i’ll give absolute freedom to my soul personality,so it can manifest all its skills, attributes and gifts in my everyday life, inmy everyday life, in my everydaylife”

You must repeat this as many times as possible. Thetapping must be done in an unconscious way, concentrate in the memorizedaffirmation, even though you don’t believe in it.

There’s much more I must share with you. I feel Ihave to give all my accumulated knowledge before I pass away. Thank for yourprecious time
Best regards and with tons of divine love to youall beutiful people and friends.
1. Sali says:
February 14, 2009 at 5:47 pm
I was born on a Tuesday, and in 2003 I startedcelebrating my birthday on that day every week as they do in Ghana, Africa bytaking a spiritual bath and wearing all white. I had planned to make that a dayof spiritual introspection and solitude, but as it turns out, I am moremagnetic than usual on that day and it is a great time to have positiveinteractions with others.
-Abena (The Ghanaian day name for a woman born onTuesday)
February 15, 2009 at 1:33 pm
Dear Sali B plese keep me posted on yoir other wekdays, I need to know if on your day number four your mindpower is stronger andon dau five if your spiritual experiences have more meaning. I'm all eardregarding your other days. Help me please.
3. Sali says:
February 24, 2009 at 5:05 pm
Ezequiel, if my day number one is Tuesday, then myday number four is Friday. I haven't noticed if my mind power is stronger onFridays. My day number five is Saturday, which I do know has always been myfavorite day of the week! I feel very free on Saturdays (day five), and it's aday of joy and relaxation and usually of doing something sacred. Sundays (daysix), I used to feel very tense because Monday (day seven) was coming. I have amug that says, "I don't do Mondays". Late last year I joined a groupof artists that meet every Monday evening, and now I find myself lookingforward to Mondays (day seven). And now on Sundays (day six) I feel relaxed. OnThursdays (day three) I do feel more physical and usually go places and dothings.
This is very interesting. I'm going to see whathappens when I use this system to consciously structure my weekly activitiesaccording to what day I would get the optimum benefits. And I will definitelyuse the moon phases, too, to help me with my new exercise program.
What is day two about?
February 24, 2009 at 7:16 pm
Dear Sali B, sorry. On day two it is excellent forremote visionwhere you have to go across oceans or to do mental trips to ourpresent, past or future. It also good for affinity with all kinds of liquids,because water does' d

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