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ok, this is all happening pretty fast... my blog that was meant as quite a personal spiritual notebook for my wife and I is coming out of the closet so to speak ( but the egoic part of me always wanted it to come out... 'I'm so spiritual, look at me!!!' ---- just being honest... with my self and what I share... my existing reality is mostly full egoic identification... but I'm ok with that... it is the beauty of being human... the ego is our rocket into the orbit of awareness... without it we stay as animal... we give it so much shit, yet without it we have no chance of further evolution. so, thank you ego. Ha, but the act of thanking must involve ego... 'I' thank 'you'. so ego thanks ego. Kei te pai.

Anyway, getting side-tracked. So, I'm sharing this with you guys... will put a post up about every 5 days or so, until I'm up to date... look forward to yours thoughts on my thoughts...

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Your Own Religion
Hello to Myself!!!

This blog is for me, it is my notebook of the creative journey of shaping my own religion.

Others who read this can take anything that makes sense… and my ideas that don’t… that’s because I ain’t you!!!! This is my religion, not yours!! If you like parts of it, use it… the parts that are wrong, don’t get shitty about… I ain’t the Dalai Lama, just a guy who is claiming ownership, sovereignty, of his own spirituality.

And I’m excited.

All the things that make me feel more complete will be into my religion.

All the things that make me feel more connected.

I’m going to mix and match bits, mantras, languages, practices, then brew up my own to fill the gaps.

And parts that get a bit ‘stinky’ when I start to use them, I’ll just change! And that feels good… no unchangeable doctrine.

My wife and soul mate is sharing in this journey too… so her flavour will be in there too… and bits we don’t agree on, we’ll just do different… don’t have to homogenise!

As a footnote… other religions? Fine by me… I can only comment on my own religion, and essentially to myself… I’m not building this for someone else… it won’t work properly for someone else!

If I look at my religion like clothing… the big religions might be like army uniforms… heaps of people wearing the same thing… one size fits all… Some of those uniforms I quite like, so I might take the arm from one, the helmet from another… and other parts of my ‘clothing’ I’ll make entirely myself… then, as my taste in clothes evolves, I’ll snip bits off, add others… exciting! post.... should be able to do 2 at a time.

Being Naughty.

Interesting. I had a terrible night last night, hardly slept. Due to the fact that I had a huge feed just before bed… Date balls with banana and cashew butter... Over and over. My guts still hurt this morning. My daughter couldn't sleep either and kept coming in to our room as she was scared….. The long and short of it, Daddy kept awake until 3am… Daddy has a tantrum at 6-year-old daughter, who is just scared because Daddy let her watch Planet of the Apes! Daddy has a tantrum at daughter… Mummy ends up sleeping with scared daughter.
We all sleep in… Now late for getting daughter to school…
So Daddy goes and writes on computer.
Not a great start to today… But, through all this silliness, mainly from me I might add, some really interesting learnings…. But, a little pause in writing this… Time to walk my beautiful daughter to school… And talk…
Ok, back now… Apologizing is a good thing to do. So that can be part of my religion… When you are aware you have made a mistake, apologize. And, funnily enough… It feels good, in the end… Restores a little piece of mind… The angry Me-ness is toppled off his pedestal and replaced with less Me-ness and more Am-ness… Am walking to school with my beautiful daughter… And Is-ness… Is a beautiful day.
The Me-ness that is defensive and running a continuous monologue of explanations of why he was right last night is also knocked over by one little word… Sorry. I say sorry to my daughter for my behaviour last night... and she accepts, wholly. And we move on.
So… Today's tasks… Apologize at least 10 times… Let's see what that is like.
This reminds me of one of the fundamentals I noted down a few weeks back re this religion of mine…
Fundamental: where there is any form of indecisiveness, run this little internal filter… "will this increase my friendship with Papalam, or decrease it?" "will this action bring me closer to papalam or move me further away?"
Ok… What is Papalam… More on Her later… She is awesome…
But first… Time to take daughter no. 2 to preschool…

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Very nice

Wonderful, candid, and freeflowing... thanks
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Wed, 10/05/2011 - 02:47
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thanks for the comments. yeah, just trying to be honest with myself... just relax and explore.

Papalam | Wed, 10/05/2011 - 08:06
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Liked it a lot that it is not pretentious and that is sensitive and mixes between your insights and daily simple activities. Waiting impatiently for more...

atlantis | Wed, 10/05/2011 - 05:29
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thanks for the positive feedback. it's so nice to have all these replies from like-minded people. Yay!

Papalam | Wed, 10/05/2011 - 08:07