Shankara- Adishesha- Ramanuja

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Shankara- Adishesha- Ramanuja

To revise a part of the preached knowledge, the disciple, Adishesha came and all this is supported by Veda.

After Shankara, slowly, almost all atheists were converted into theists, but they were under the illusion that they were already God and avoided devotion and service. In course of time, their theism was well established and the time was ripened for them to realize the truth and climb the next step. The second step followed by Shankara already in composing the prayers on God was to be stressed upon in that time. The second step was to be revised, which was already preached by Shankara long ago.

A professor teaches the lesson completely and leaves the class. The students may have difficulty in some parts of the lesson. To clarify those parts, the professor will not come again to teach the class. He will send his senior research students to revise the hard parts of the lesson. Similarly, God Shankara sent His disciple, Adishesha in the form of Ramanuja to stress upon the second step. Ramanuja is said to be the human incarnation of Adishesha. You can find the stress on devotion already in the preaching of Shankara (Bhaktireva gariyasi).

Hence, devotion was not invented by Ramanuja. It was already invented and introduced by Shankara. Shankara was Lord Shiva and as per Veda Shiva is Narayana (Shivashcha Narayanah). Adishesha is the servant of Lord Shiva existing as jewel in the neck. Since, Shiva is Narayana, Adishesha being the servant of the Narayana, shall be also the servant of Shiva. The followers of Ramanuja themselves agree that Ramanuja is incarnation of Adishesha. Hence, none can contradict any point of this concept.

Ramanuja never criticized Shankara

Afterwards, when the proper time came, He sent His messengers to stress the two relevant parts of His own spiritual concept.

Ramanuja never criticized Shankara. He criticized only the disciples of Shankara (Yaduchyate Shaankaraih…), who misunderstood the monism and were not spiritually developing. Every Tam, Dick and Harry started thinking that he was already God. Therefore, the truth was revealed to them through Ramanuja. Since, the concept of theism became firm, nobody became atheist. Those who realized the truth climbed the step of devotion accepting dualism. Those who were not convinced remained in monism only and did not become atheists. Subsequently, Shankara sent His another servant Vayu, an angel, in the form of Madhva to preach the third and final step of practical devotion. Madhva, Himself claimed as the incarnation of Vayu and Vayu is only one of the angels. Dualism is not a new invention of Ramanuja and Madhva. It was already stressed in the prayers by Shankara. Ramanuja and Madhva stressed the devotion and dualism, which are parts of the total spiritual concept of Shankara only.