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Walking for minutes six times a week, drinking two glasses daily of magnetized water and swallowing sunlight have been three daily habits this shaman has taken care of his health. To all of this we must add doing some praying and meditation.

Let’s begin with walking for thirty to an hour six times a week. My technique is to walk for seven minutes having in heart and mind the sacred word HARMONY. Imitating a good actor I become this concept. So each step I take is done with full consciousness that because I am harmony. Logically my walking is always harmonious. My breathing is also harmonious; my thoughts obviously are harmonious too. Starting to feel this sweet harmony inside and outside me I soon become a powerful walking magnet. Now all my senses only are aware of the surrounding beauty. This beauty allows my waking to be really an enjoyable action.

During my next seven minutes I become supreme confidence because God’s strength covers my walking like being covered totally by a beam of cosmic violet light. On purpose I see myself surrounded by my own aura being reinforced as I keep walking and walking. This ultra violet light transform itself in the color my aura needs at this particular day. Does it need the vibrant color red, so I will have extra physical energy? Then I will become a walking bright red color aura. Maybe I need to do some business that requires a great clarity of mind? Then I become yellow walking aura. Do I need an extra comic push, so everything falls on its proper place? I am then a walking orange aura.
If I am in need of high spiritual energy then this ultra violet spiritual beam will be transmuted into a crystalline bright violet aura.
Interested? Tomorrow then this sharing will continue.

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Good to see you on Guru's feet Ezequiel! Had no idea about the connection of auras and the overall health harmony. Very interesting.

One Love

Psiplex | Fri, 03/13/2009 - 01:05