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We’ve already spent fourteen minutes from our walking before making a seven minute stop for seven minutes in order to absorb mother nature’s energies plus the sun and Universe’s high energies let’s chant while waking this affirmation.

“There’s life, light and love in my body, mind and soul.
Eternal life, healing light and Divine Love are now totally absorbed by body, mind and soul.

It’s time to find a place to sit down facing eastwards.
On a seat, we start taking deep breaths. After three deep breaths we start relaxing our body. Using our mind’s eye and will power I sense that from both foot soles some roots begin to grow, grow and grow. These roots go very deep into the ground. At one hundred meters deep these roots expand in a fifty meter diameter to be able to absorb Earth’s so much needed minerals plus the beneficial magnetism from inner Nature. Also special ancient energies are also absorbed.
This healthy absorption is carried out in a very harmonious way. Foot soles, ankles, sheens, thighs, lower abdomen, middle abdomen and these amazing energies are stored in our solar plexus.

Now is time to absorb the sun and Universe’s high energies through our head, its superior part. Once more using our imagination and will power we begin absorbing these amazing energies. Our brain is energized, then our face, next our. In the chest the thymus gland then the cardiac plexus, next the adrenal glands and again all these magnetic-electric-vital energies are stored in our efficient solar plexus. I see my solar plexus as a perfect sphere.
The Ying and Yang moving parts in perfect circulating harmony.
Now we stand up and walk for another seven to fourteen minutes visualizing the perfect spher mad3 of two spinning parts in absolute harmony. now we can count on with a lot of extra energy.

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Our medical doctors and

Our medical doctors and nurses, clinical therapists, and support staff Detox Baltimore are available round the clock to make sure that your detox experience is as easy and effective as possible, preparing you to maneuver on to the subsequent step of your treatment or recovery.

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