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“ To accept everything without reflection, contemplation and thoughtfulness would be just as foolish as REJECTING everything in the same manner. “

Though, I have been interested in spiritual knowledge and meditation from past few years, I never heard of Shaktipat . I first came across Madanji when I posted for some astro help on April 6th 2009 on Madanji replied asking to find AtmaShanti in a oneline sentence. There was no mutual correspondence later. Exactly after a month, I happened to find through some links and registered myself. I read about Madanji’s work on gurus feet as he was an active member on I then came to know about Shaktipat and read more of Madanji’s blogs and blogs of the seekers he initiated. On 7th May, I registered on and was thinking of writing to Madanji a day later. It was a pleasant surprise when Madanji sent me a soulmate invitation within a few hours of my registration.

I wrote to Madanji about my spiritual interests and solicited his guidance. He asked me to read his blogs in detail and gave telephone number of one of his students in Hyderabad. I could meet Yogesh and his mother in a few days after he reached Hyderabad. I was convinced about Shaktipat after speaking to Yogesh and by reading well answered FAQs on Kundalini and Siddha Yoga by Prof Keutzer’s personal links page on

I contacted Madanji again after a week on May 14th and solicited his guidance. I was expecting him to invite me to meet him in Delhi. All he asked me was to sit in meditation from 10pm to 11pm at my residence in Hyderabad everyday for a week. I followed his advice and my experiences were as follows.

DAY 1: Thursday 14th May 09
In the last 15 minutes of the 1 hour scheduled meditation, my head started going back and the neck stretched. As if the head wanted to touch the spinal cord.

DAY 2: Friday 15th May 09
In the last 20 minutes of the 1 hour head started going back as on day 1. My spine started relaxing and I had to lie on the ground. I was under the impression that I did it deliberately. So I sat upright the same procedure repeated. i.e neck stretch, back bone relaxation and lying on the back.

Similar to this video

DAY 3: Saturday 16th May 09
With in 10 minutes of the start of meditation, my head started making circular movements from the neck for about 5 minutes. Then I bent down and relaxed for a minute. Later head started touching alternate shoulders. This process became more vigorous for the next 5-10 minutes. Following this I had to lay on my back as on Day2 and head started moving sideways with alternating intensities for almost an hour. I felt dizzy after about 1hr 15 minutes when I ultimately got up. This was the most eventful session. Thanks to Madanji.

Similar and much more vigorous than what appears in this video.

DAY 4: Sunday 17th May 09
Day 3's movements got repeated immediately after I sat down for meditation. However, the intensity was less.

DAY 5: Monday 18th May 09
Movements were similar to what happened on days 3&4 however with very less intensity. When I had to lie down due to spinal relaxation, I got so relaxed that I went into sleep without my knowledge. (40 minutes into the session)

DAY 6: Tuesday 19th May 09
Due to dinner outside and unexpected traffic jams, I started the meditation at 10.12pm rather than scheduled 10pm. I was very disappointed and angry and irritated as I could not make it on time. After 15 minutes into meditation, I could see bright light coming from an object in the shape similar to coconut. This light was pure and whitest of white. I felt that it was spreading to head. I felt relaxed and my anger/irritation disappeared and I became peaceful and calm. For the rest of the period in meditation, I continued to see this pure light. I experienced no movements.

Day 7: Wednesday 20th May 09
Normal peaceful meditation with no movements or visualization.

As I wrote in the opening sentence it is just as foolish to reject anything contemplation/knowledge/experience as it is to accept anything without proper thought/knowledge.

I am grateful to Madanji for taking me a step forward in my spiritual quest.

I am planning to meet Madanji in person in a week’s time. He could guide me all through with his Shaktipat techniques from a remote location so far.

I wish many other seekers will benefit from gurus like him in India and elsewhere.

-Syam Tatineni

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Acceptance must be with no analytical processing

Madan seems a descent compassionate person who does not cave in or run away when faced with vocal sometimes irrelevant opposition. He is among the great contributors here in gurusfeet (though I like it when he brings original stuff of his own and not endless copycats of scriptures that no one really reads and can find elsewhere).

It sounds you had an important experience. Very interesting, I'm also playing with shaktipat with the aid of a guide. Please continue to update on your progress.

Last thing - you write: "To accept everything without reflection, contemplation and thoughtfulness would be just as foolish as REJECTING everything in the same manner."

This is a terrible mistake. Acceptance must be total with no prejudice or complications otherwise it is not acceptance and you will feel that it doesn't work. The act of acceptance does not and should not involve any reflection, contemplation or thoughtfulness as acceptance is of what already happens right now which is already happening so what use can be to reflection, contemplation and thoughtfulness? - anyway they are too late to change what is occurring already.

Afterwards, you may or may not use reflection, contemplation and thoughtfulness to avoid same mistakes in the future but this has nothing to do with the acceptance.

I recommend you to read the following excellent posts that will clarify this tremendously important issue:
And most importantly:


joy | Sat, 05/23/2009 - 08:33
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Perhaps you haven't noticed that acceptance is not chosen, and that it comes from clarity, and that you have motivations for wanting to accept that have nothing to do with whether or not it is acceptable?

These are some of the terrible mistakes made by those who are not seeking the truth but just a better lie.

Phroggy | Sat, 05/23/2009 - 18:03
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On the contrary

When you look deeply without relying on any scripture or doctrine, you realize that acceptance is nothing but a result of your choosing.

Regarding the motivations, when your acceptance is total, i.e. you accept the fact that the object of acceptance might stay here with you forever, all motivations are gone, except of one of course: to cease suffering.

I advise you also to read the links he provided above.

And leave the preoccupation about whether others seeking truth or lying to themselves, checking the same with regard to ourselves is a full time job by itself.

suzi | Sun, 05/24/2009 - 08:17
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You do not understand the nature of your choosing nor that which seems to choose nor the hidden motivations for this lack of understanding. I agree that identifying your self deception is a full time job. I wish you the best of luck with that.

Phroggy | Sun, 05/24/2009 - 18:29