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Today I went to the event and set up for my basket demo. chrism had asked me if I would be passing out KAS1 cards and I replied no, yet when I went to pack I put a few in with my things. It was a wonderful day meeting folks and getting to weave a large basket without wanting to do 10 other things. The Conservation corp was there helping set up. There was one young lady with all these young fellas. so I just had to ask her how she handled her time with the boys. She laughed and said they can be obnoxious but we get along. We chatted and when I went to leave I said here I have something for you- I pulled out my KAS1 card and when I said I am a student of a Kundalini Master her eyes got big and surprised and she replied that she had been looking into Kundalini.
There was no intention
on my part to give out a card- the body just did what it was guided to do. I said to her upon leaving we were meant to meet.
I did pass out 2 other cards. One a young girl who has attended a private buddhist school for a number of years and one to a lady who knew about K yoga. - it just seemed I needed to do that also.
Shakti has her agenda and I am all too happy to do whatever she directs. When things like this happen it validates to me that bringing up Kundalini is ok for me. And I know now to always carry my KAS1 cards along with my basketry cards. WE are gifted with a precious grace and sharing this as we move thru our world is a gift to all the world imo
Also there was a boy 11 yrs old who came up and was fascinated by the weaving . He had worked with indigenous materials to make a few baskets and had questions. I started a small basket and he watched. When the basket was nearly finished the thought came to me that I needed to give him the basket so I called him over - he his mom and little brother and I presented him the gift. His surprise and pleasure was very evident. He could not believe I was giving him a gift. I am a firm believer since being K active that all things happen for a reason. I do not have to understand or know the reason just accept the grace that all is as it should be.
I am grateful for the lovely "HOT" day - the people I met - the contacts I made- the sharing we did , the baskets I got to make and the beautiful service all around. This to me is Kundalini Living...