Service - Completing the Circle of Love.

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So much is written in no-duality regarding "practice", or "method", and about how there is no practice or method possible, as there is "no one" to practice or follow a method. This, while true in the Absolute, is of little, to no help to a "seeker" (...and yes, I understand, there is no seeker either!).

I once wrote, that while I realize that we are only players in a play, I do not see a "script of destiny", but unlimited potential being lived out in the instant. Predestination; this idea that "everything is OK", or "It's all working out according to God's plan." is all "mind stuff". This idea of predestination only occurs in time; one of the minds favorite "organizers". Unlimited, unformed potential unfolds, not in time, but all at once. Past, present and future occur instantly and simultaneously. It is only when the mind organizes them that they separate into "past" "present" and 'future", the "present now" having no more reality than the others, once it is named.

So, we understand that "we" are a verb; the flow itself, not subjects or objects, but the unfolding . While we can not affect the play we find ourselves "flowing" in by "practice" or any known "method", we can do our best not to impede the flow.
So how do we do that? By showing no resistance.

My Father was an Electrician all his working life. When I was a small boy he described to me his understanding of electricity. He had a great and mystical understanding of electricity that I carry with me to this day. He described electricity as a "potential energy", existent all around us, as potential, but only realized when the circuit is complete with all the necessary elements. The really intriguing thing to me was the idea that when the circuit is incomplete, there is no flow, but more than that, without a complete circuit, there is no electricity! The flow of the unfolding of the universe is no different.

When I wrote the RULE FOR THE COMMUNITY OF THE LIVING SACRIFICE, I used the example of the electrical circuit as an example of how the Love flows from the Eucharist through the participant and on to the World. I refered to this as "The Eucharistic Circle of Love". This however, can be applied to any Spiritual "practice" , and can also be applied to "involved, conscious, living". By this, I mean any way you have of grounding yourself to the true. Any way you have of staying in the "flow".

In "our circuit", the "power" comes from our source, and our connection to it. This is Contemplation, or self-inquiry, or whatever method opens you up and reduces your resistance. Now comes the important part; service. Once we are "flowing" with the "source power", that is, being the "source power", we must complete the circuit by sharing the source power with others and the World. Because if we don't complete the circuit, there is only Love "in potential", not the flow of Love in action.

Are "we" important to this process? We have been taught by many non-dualists that we are unimportant, have no need for action or practice, and are illusions "separate" from reality, what ever that means in a non-dual sense! But our "importance" to the complete circuit is essential. When we understand that we are the free flowing potential of Life, not the "wires" of the circuit, or the various "devices" along the way, but the movement of the power itself, we can open up and stop all resistance. This requires no practice, but a simple surrender. A surrender so complete that you become as a pure platinum connector, and the flow is so unimpeded that Love has no different face than yours.