Selfless Self: New Book of Hard-Hitting Talks by Ramakant Maharaj

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“Who am I?” Why am I here?” Selfless Self not only answers these ultimate questions, but offers a pragmatic approach to Oneness in simple, down-to-earth language. “You are already realized, you have just forgotten your identity”, says Ramakant Maharaj, Self-Realized Master and direct disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

This life is a long dream, and the one who is living it, is also a dream. One big illusion! “Know thyself”, exhorts the Guru/Master. “Wake up and uncover your power! Find out who you really are, while you still can. Prior to beingness, you were nameless, formless, and wanted for nothing. Beingness is intolerable, and that is why you need constant escape and comfort: chocolate, ice-cream, therapy, selfies, holidays, living the 'dream', relationships, weddings, babies, etc, etc.”

The Guru speaks with extraordinary power, from the “bottomless bottom of reality”. “The Guru is not a person, he is the Impersonal, Unmanifest Absolute in manifest form”, explains Maharaj. His talks are rare, spontaneous, direct knowledge, (non-intellectual), and penetrating: “You are covered with ash, the ash of illusory concepts. Master removes the ash. You are not the body. The body is not your identity. You are unborn. The world is the spontaneous projection of your spontaneous presence”.

The Master describes the new book Selfless Self as 'Your Story'. There is no past, no future and no present. Reality has nothing to do with all of this. It is 'beyond words, beyond worlds'. The Guru never tires of hammering the listener with reality: “This is not just an idea, it is Truth, and not up for debate. I am not just narrating nice bed-time stories, or feelgood stories for you, I am narrating your story, your Reality”. “Why travel, when you are the destination? You have read all the books, but have you read the reader?” are a couple of examples of fresh teachings that have the power to awaken the reader.

Selfless Self is your very own portable Guru. It is logical, humorous, deep, yet simple to understand. This cutting-edge book, a manifestation of the unmanifest, is, at 555 pages, a treasure chest of golden nuggets and sparkling gems that will transform the reader. It is more than a book, more than a song. The book pays homage to Selfless Self which is your very essence.

Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj,
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