Self Realization & Pure Transcendence

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"If you ask most people
how they are,
they will look
at a collection of memories
from the last day, last week or last month
and then make a judgment
about those memories.

And that will be their answer
to how they are.

With this, you can see that
most people are carrying
their past around with them.

Not even their past,
but a selection of memories
from their past.

They are not aware
of how they are now,
they only superimpose
these memories on to this moment
and that is who they experience
themselves to be.

But if you really look
to your experience in this moment
without referring to your memories,
you would be at a loss
to really say anything.

You would fall right through
any definitions and descriptions
and enter into that which is completely
transcendent of everything.

That what is really here
is always here,
always pure
and always free.

So there are two levels of experience
we are talking about.

The first level is of the mind
in which you exist in a linear
time based experience as a collection
of memories and judgments.

And through spiritual practice,
you purify all of your attachments
and identification to this
mind based experience
in order to reach transcendence.

But on the other level,
which is not really a level at all,
there is the pure state of transcendence,
which is free of everything,
which is even free of all spiritual ideas
and spiritual experiences.

You can't even call it the Self
or consciousness.
You can't hold on to it
or abide in it.
You can't even separate it
from anything else.

You can't say anything about it,
except that it is
completely free of everything.

It is not even under the condition
of any purification or spiritual practice
because it is free of that too.

It is wordless, limitless
and forever self apparent,
beyond cause and effect.

And it cannot be perceived
or realized from the first level
of mind experience.

But somehow usually after a lot of
Shakti, meditation & spiritual practice,
something magically happens
where that which is
completely transcendent of everything
reveals itself.

It is not something
you can hold on to,
or attain,
but rather
you fall into it
and learn to remain
in a permanent state of letting go
where you realize this
pure transcendence in everything,

including the mind,
including memory
even including the sense of
being a person.

It is free of everything
but it exists in and as everything.
So you exist just as you are now
yet completely free of it at the same time.



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It is beautiful! Just

It is beautiful!
Just beautiful!!!!

bonya basu | Wed, 07/25/2012 - 05:30