Self is neither internal nor external

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Self is neither internal,nor external.Self is non dual, because it is formless spirit. The persons who are still caught in the web of duality, thinks self is internal, by judging on the their false physical identity. The self, which is spirit that pervades the whole experince of diversity, and it is not an entity or identity within the experince of diversity, how can one come to conclusion it is internal or external. For the Realized Mind,the self is, non dual spirit. And it is fully aware of the fact that, the whole experince of diversity, is created out of one single substence, which is spirit, which is the true self or Ataman.

Persons who accumulated bookish and scriptural knowledge and who declare themselves as guru,enlightened, and reformers, and act and behave like a guardian angel, have tasted half baked cake, and trying to find stone in others soup. Since they are the slaves of their own ego, they will not be able accept the ultimate truth, other then their accepted truth. He who knows the truth, knows, what is untruth. No one can know the untruth, without knowing, what is truth. Thus people who are still in the level of duality, thinking the self is internal, how can they judge what is truth? and what is not the truth, without realizing the true self. Therefore every path and practice has to be bifurcated from spirituality, which is purely truth seeking.

The truth does not require any tag, the serious seekers who are tired of all the theories,paths and practices and find them inadequates and useless, will turn towards the perennial springs of spiritual truth, to quench their spiritual thirst.The tags and brands can be sold in the spiritual supermarket, which is good for the beginners.

For those who are advanced in the spiritual pursuit, will find all the spiritual tags and brands are inadequate and useless, in pursuit of truth.

When Osho the great master of 20th century became aware of the truth, he threw his titles like Acharya Rajneesh, Bagawan, Rajnesh, to overcome the physical shackle.He guided all the seekers as their beloved friend or guide.

When J.Krishnamurthy was to be declared as world teacher by the theosophical moment in Holland, he refused to accept to be so. Since he was sincere and he knew the truth, he remained a non guru throughout his life and guided the seekers.
Truth cannot be bought and sold as commodity. It has to be grasped with lots of patience and humility with constant reflecting on the nature of the mind through inquiry,analysis and reasoning. The people who think they can snub anyone by asking irrelevant questions not pertaining to the subject, are not fit for pursuit of truth. But the seeker who is receptive and trying to overcome his doubts and confusion will differently will be able to realize the uncontradicted ultimate truth.

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"For those who are advanced in the spiritual pursuit, will find all the spiritual tags and brands are inadequate and useless, in pursuit of truth."

Excellent, so does that mean we're done with 'formless spirituality' as the ultimate one and only answer? :)


Phroggy | Sun, 08/03/2008 - 08:38
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Hi phil,
Thank you for your response.It is true that, F.S is the ultimate and only answer. All the so called spiritual practices and paths of the world are based on the form as self[I].

The spirituality expounded by great masters in the past, were mixed up and messed up in time, with religion,theories and yoga and were lost forever.F.S is not a brand or tag , it is just reminder to seekers, that the truth is beyond the experince of duality or mind.

F.S helps the seeker to train himself to view and judge the worldview from form base to formless base. Therefore it is the only answer. F.S is based on the formless entity and all the paths ,theories are based on the form as self.

The massage of F.S is that any seekers ,who is looking for truth has to look beyond religion,scriptures, theories and paths and yoga, to go beyond the experince of duality or mind.
There is no need for a guru in pursuit of truth, the seekers intense urge and his receptive mind with little guidance, he will be able to unfold the mystery of the mind or duality, through inquiry,analysis and reasoning on the true base.

F.S bifurcates all the branded and tagged spiritual paths, which are main hurdle in pursuit of truth. F.S is to helps the seeker to overcome all the fatter and obstacles on the pursuit of truth.Thus F.S is the surest way to cross ocean of duality in lesser time and effort.
With respect and regards [to, Mrs,and Mr,Phil]
Have blissful time, take care.

santthosh kumaar | Mon, 08/04/2008 - 03:28