Self Inquiry and Is-ness

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"In meditation,
you can actively
hold your attention
on what is beyond thought.

And as thoughts arise
you reject them
even before you even know their content.

If you really fix your attention
on what is here beyond thought
without allowing thoughts
to interfere,
then that is one method
to Self Realization.

It requires a lot
of discipline
but it is very direct.

It will bring you to the realization
very quickly that you exist
completely beyond the body and mind.

You will see that all suffering
comes from the identification
with the body and mind
and therefore, you can remain
in that consciousness that is transcendent
of the body and mind to be free of suffering.

As you continue with this practice,
a new realization will arise
and that is everything simply is.

And when you realize everything simply is,
there is no doing involved,
there is just the surrender to what is.

And in this you do not exclude thoughts,
you do not exclude anything.

Everything simply is.
Thoughts arise by themselves,
physical happenings happen
by themselves
and in allowing the happening
automatically your attention
expands to encompass everything
as consciousness.

In this, everything is the Self,
everything is consciousness.
Consciousness is not exclusive of thinking;
rather, thinking arises out of consciousness
as consciousness itself.
It is all one.

Now it may take
an active meditation practice
at first to get to this realization.

Because if there is no awareness
to begin with, if you are completely
identified with your thinking,
then surrender may end up
just being lost in thinking.

But once your awareness of the Self intensifies
(and it can intensify very quickly
if you are committed)
then surrender to what is
will be natural.

Much love,


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