Self Initiation & Self Observation

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I wonder if psychologically there is the other. Let me elucidate what I mean by it. That there is a physical reality consisting of all the diversity is not being contested. Yet if I were to take a peek at my psychological make up all I find is a private world wherein I have the impressions stored of all that has been experienced. This abstraction of the physical reality that I make is unique, private and maybe confidential. This may seem obvious and not of much importance but at least I do not see it that way in my day to day life.

I hold my impressions about things, people and places to be objective realities and treat them as such. Let us say that I like milk. I attribute this liking to be arising due to very fixed law and as a result of something inherent in the milk itself. Whereas, not all like milk and my liking too varies from time to time and is dependent on other factors. Events in the world are caused by many factors and so are our impressions dependent on various subjective factors. In such a case nothing should be fixed and yet I find that my reactions to things, people and places are more fixed than the things in themselves.

We know that we are changing from time to time and yet we do not give this benefit to others and hold fixed opinion about them. All this requires us to be a little more skeptical of the way we take things and if we are to experience something differently it has to come by not being fixed and mechanical in our responses. We alone hold the keys to our psyche and any change there is to be brought about through self initiation and self observation for it is the truth of what we discover first hand which will show us a new light.

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The world of forms

First. let me thank you for your fascinating posts.

Our psyche is programmed to function in the world of forms. It's like a radar that is programmed to function in the world of signals or a stethoscope that is designed to function in the world of pulses.

Hence, it's no wonder that it treats form as something that exists. And if something exists then, by definition, it's assumed that it doesn't change, whether it's true or not.

Of course form doesn't exist in the true sense of "exist" (well described in and of course it changes but this is the optimal way for the body-mind to handle reality.

The seeker can taste the world beyond form, he/she can have glimpses, it happens in silence (of the mind).

Jasmin | Fri, 11/07/2014 - 08:52