Self Enquiry

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Many articles have been written about Self Enquiry as thought specifically by H.H. Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj etc. alongwith Individual comments. The main hinderance in Self Enquiry is the thought process. Many things have been written about it. One of the best method is discrimination (Viveka) to train the mind to shut-up. We in normal course are not able to discriminate between Vichar (thinking) and Vikar (Disease). What we in normal course consider as Vichar (thinking) is infact Vikar (Disease). Vichar (thinking) is one which after fulfilling its need dies. Example: - The thinking or thought I am Hungry, I have to eat food. The moment you eat the food, the thinking or thought that you have to eat food will not continue. The thought will also die as soon as you eat your food at that particulr time itself. What we consider as the thinking or thought which goes on continuing is infact not thinking or thought but Disease. Tell the mind you do not require it. Slowly and steadily with patience and perseverance you will succeed in it.