Self Discovery

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Three areas in which we must work in order to embark on our journey to self discovery are the web of words, identification and dependence on stimulation.

It is important to ask why words have such a power over us. After all they may be necessary for clear communication but in looking within the form a kind of screen preventing the observation by diverting it to set images and patterns.

Identification is a malady which has usurped what should have been our natural self and has its roots deep in our psyche. Be it our favourite music to our most liked team to food or flag there is no area of life where we are not identified. What is more we don't even notice it.

Our dependence on stimulation sustains us and keeps us awake. Without it life would be dull and we may go to sleep. If we look closely this dull state of mind is in fact a result of stimulation. Over stimulation causes attention deficit (ADHD) in children.

We need to Observe these and try and simplify our lives to allow inner growth which has been stifled by outward glitter.