Self is the consciousness and consciousness is ultimate truth.

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Knowing consciousness as self, mind becomes known. Knowing consciousness as self nothing else remains to be known. Knowing consciousness as self one attains to immortality that is the beginningless ultimate reality.

A Gnani is fully aware, and sees the consciousness in all beings and in everything, existing equally and deathless in the living and the dying.

Consciousness is present within all the three states but without the three states. Consciousness is present in all the moving and unmoving, incomprehensible, far and near, impartible, sustaining everything in the waking and dream experiences.

Until one recognizes the source of the mind, one is bound to believe his birth entity as real self and his experience of universe as reality. This body one is so proud of is not the self. The body and universe exist within the mind.

Therefore there is a need to know the source of the mind.
The body and the world are within the waking experience.

And the waking experience also will permanently vanish same way as dream, which is called death.

One has to know that the body and the world are within the mind. And mind is made of consciousness. Thinking the body is made of five elements one becomes ignorant of the consciousness. By becoming ignorant of consciousness one is conditioned to believe the birth, life and death as reality. By believing the birth, life and death as reality one has strong conviction that the universe in which he is born is real, thus he experiences the illusion as reality.

And all his reasoning and judgement is based on physical self, which is the false self within the false experience.
Mind merges into the source, from where it is originated. Therefore there is a need to mentally trace the source in order to discover the ultimate truth.

The true self is consciousness and consciousness is devoid of attributes yet it existing as if divided in beings, sustaining beings, devouring as well as generating beings within the illusion.

The consciousness is the light of all lights, beyond all darkness, the goal of knowledge, dwelling and pervading everything and everywhere in all the three states as their formless substance and witness. Consciousness is the One to be known as ultimate truth.

These three states are temporary - they will pass away. One should not be so proud, looking at his beautiful body and the beauty of the universe, which are within the waking experience. When the time ceases the waking ceases, like the snake shedding its skin, the consciousness sheds the three states.

The mind is like perishable. Like frail and perishable; the paper is limited. When the drop of water falls upon it, the paper crumbles and dissolves instantaneously same way the reality of the mind which appears as waking or dream and disappears as deep sleep dissolves when their unreal nature is exposed through wisdom.

Even though the self is something other than this material body, the majority of people still identify themselves with it. Why? The main reason people identify the physical body as self, is because of the ignorance of the Real Self, which is consciousness.

Whosoever identifies his-self with this bundle of bones and flesh is ignorant. Now the question arises: If self is not this body, then what is self? If body with the name is not self then what is one’s true Identity which is without the body and name?

Self is the consciousness and consciousness is ultimate truth. One has to recognize the consciousness as the true self in order to know the three states are unreal.
The three states are temporary, while the true self ,which is consciousness , is the formless substance and witness of the three states real and Immortal Therefore, this mind is false and impermanent, and the Soul or consciousness ,which is the real Self is True and permanent.

Consciousness is not human, and it is not a demigod. Consciousness is not celibate, or a worshipper. Consciousness is not a Yogi, and it is not a hermit. Consciousness is not a mother or anyone's son because it is formless and one without the second.

Consciousness dwells in all the three states. No one can find its limits. Consciousness is not a house-holder, and it is not a renouncer. Consciousness is not a president of the country, and it is not a beggar. Consciousness is neither the guru nor disciple. Consciousness has no body, no drop of blood. Consciousness is neither a Hindu, nor Christen, nor a Muslim.

Consciousness is not called a man of austere self-discipline, or an orthodox. Consciousness does not live, and it is not seen to die. When the ignorance [Birth, life, death and world] vanishes through wisdom consciousness alone will prevail as non-dual existence.

Mind is formed of the same essence as the soul, which is in the form of consciousness. Consciousness is stable it like the ink on the news paper which cannot be erased.

The ultimate goal, aim or purpose of human existence is to become linked or re-established in his true identification, the unconditioned consciousness. This is Self-Realization — the realization of man's True Self, the Soul, which is in the form of consciousness. Once one attains this pure awareness within, then he recognizes that "consciousness is the real self, and self is consciousness ".

Consciousness is Soul, and the mind is in soul or consciousness. This is realized through reflecting constantly on the consciousness, which is the formless substance and witness of the three states.

Seeker has to recognize mentally that "consciousness is self”. He who knows this secret through deeper inquiry, analysis and reasoning become free from experiencing the illusion as reality.