Self believe and worth

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Today's world due to watching too much movies where, there is only one hero... The masses just watch n be mesmerised by the greatness of the hero is not helping the cause of Cato Sri guruji Ndatin Sri guruji because what guruji is awakening us to the truth that greatness is within every single one of us. We have to have self believe and self worth to accept the fact that we are all born for greatness, we just have to break the brainwashing that we have been exposed to for a long time.

What I am trying to say is watch a movie as a movie, it is for entertainment only not the really thing a form of escapism. In the real world, we are the master of our own story, the hero or villain is up to us but the director is always god... If we follow the directors guidance we will shine but if do not follow we will be in darkness.

However in order to be good students of a guru, we must ask questions that guide us to a better understanding of a guru's teaching n enlighten others when they have doubts.