SELF and its Theology, Philosophy and Science.

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SELF and its Theology, Philosophy and Science.

I am That, “Nothing Ever Happened” and theology, philosophy and science.

All words are SELF's fiction
simply because
“there is NO other.”

Science's numbers are just words.
Just like words make words work better
so too numbers are words that make words work better.

SELF's fiction: thoughts, words, numbers, Language.

Science simply uses SELF's numbers
to make religion's words work better.

Theology of organized religions materialized the world
with all the dualities of their language, words.

The language of Science added numbers to religion's words
to materialize the world even better
by expanding the Dark Age's flat-Earth into a <1% Universe

that all of Science's numbers keep expanding

faster and faster
with its >99% “non-matter”:
Black Holes, Dark Matter and Anti-matter.

Time appears to pass through Now
-- without EVER entering --

religions simply tell stories
that are thoughts appearing to pass through SELF, Now:

-- without EVER entering --

Science gives us the same stories, that numbers simply make better.
Science's thoughts are numbers and their particles that are also waves,

mass that is also energy.
All these particles, waves, energy are the Same:
thoughts appearing to pass through Quantum-gaps:
-- without EVER entering --

Unified Field, Now, Quantum Gap, Atman, Kundalini, Shakti Samadhi, “Heaven is Inside”:

all refer to the same “there is NO-other” SELF --
AND everything else is just thoughts, words, numbers
that appear to pass through SELF
-- without EVER entering --


in which “Nothing Ever Happens”
Time and its Universe
just appears to pass through me

-- without EVER entering --

-- really, Really, REALLY.

Realization is
the death of the thought
that thinks it can think.
-- really, Really, REALLY.