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All Life is interdependence. To understand this is to know the nature of Unity in the Cosmos. This is the basis of Love and Compassion. Those who dwell on the concept or the story-line that this world is a dream do violence to this living dynamism. What isolate a man are his concepts and not facts. Yet facts are not so easy to ascertain as Science has clearly demonstrated. It is here that our ancient traditions help us. Those who condemn these traditions and yet propound their own set of dogma, modern looking though it may be, do far greater harm. We need to have understanding that one size does not fit all and that needs of each are different. This alone would make us more tolerant.

It would then be worthwhile to look at what facts are. Anything that is not a creation of thought is a fact. What thought creates or imagines appears real but is not a "Fact". There would be no disagreement if a fact is seen by two parties and both are honest. Unfortunately our self image and self interest come in the way and distort facts. So it is equally important to see the distorting factors.

It is therefore necessary to study oneself in relationship to the world. Any useful insight must be able to throw light on one hand about the subject i e oneself and the object (world) on the other establishing the relation between the two. One may discover that Love alone is the right relationship as tradition says but what it means is for each to discover.