Seer or The First Person

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Dream state and waking state are mutually exclusive in the sense that being in one precludes the other. The common factor between them is the First Person or the Seer who is neither the formless mind on which arise the basic awareness of sense objects nor the mind with form wherein are stored the experiences as memory.

Awareness of Seer (First Person) is direct for it is it's very nature but when it is perceived through the formless or form mind it appears as the pure or impure ego respectively.

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This a main theme in the

This a main theme in the toltec spiritual tradition as documented in Carlos Castaneda's books. There the refuge is lucid dreaming in which one awakes his presence during dreaming, being aware in real time that he is dreaming and being able to influence the dream scenario and his actions the same way he does when he is awake. When performed, the distinctions between the dream state and the waking state collapse.

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