Seeking Love only - And Getting Joyfully Lost!

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So many times you hear about the "seeker " actually "seeking " "something ". "Truth " is sought. "Enlightenment " is sought. Even something as simple as "peace of mind " becomes a goal in this "search for something ".

We read so often of "seekers ", often deeply troubled, giving up the "search ". Psychological problems become too much. The "search " becomes "muddied ", pointless, and then, just in that moment of failure and surrender there is a "breakthrough ", an awareness.

This idea that the search itself must end in the disappearance of the "seeker " is a true one, and a confusing one. Intellectually this is not a difficult concept. A non-existent "seeker " "seeking " after that which it already is, is not hard to mentally banish. As long as there is a "desired " object however, this is difficult to realize.

Peace of mind is an interesting "quarry ". It is destroyed in the very seeking. First, you start off with the assumption that you don't have it! This sense of having "lost ", or worse, having never had peace of mind is troublesome. It is anxiety itself. But it is not, as some would have you believe, the reason for the "search ".

The "search " comes from the call of Love seeking itself in itself. The call to seek "peace of mind ", or "enlightenment " or a cure to psychological problems are usually not sufficient to lead one to awakening. It's true that a search that leads to frustration and an abandonment of the "search ", or a psychological crisis may trigger an awakening "experience ", but it is the seeking after nothing other than the love that is, for no other reason than to be near it, to be it, that gives you the "earnestness " necessary.

When we are small "peace of mind " could be accomplished by climbing into the arms of a parent or other trusted adult. All we need do now is to climb into the arms of "what is ". Accepting reality. Not an imposed reality, but a reality "we" have come to trust. We can not accept what others say, but need to explore our world, our mind, and our heart.

Awakening is not a single act, but a "falling in line " with what is. You are Love, loving. To accept that; to live that, is what an "enlightened life " is all about. You, life, the universe are all unfolding in this tapestry of Love. Love draws you, not desire for something, even as simple as peace of mind. Seek Love only, only then can the "seeker" get lost in the "search ", as the "search " is the unfolding of Love itself.

All Peace

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Search for Love

There is no difference between love and happineass.There is nothing wrong when we say that the universe is revolving around love. Eliminate love from your being and nothing is left behind. All spirituality is a quest for love. The uniqueness of love lies in incessant search for something that is not without but within.The ever continuous quest for truth, beauty, knowledge and what not is actually a search for love.

Mohan Singh | Tue, 04/12/2011 - 05:19
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Exactly! the

Exactly! the ultimate force.
Love is the basic essence of SPIRITUALITY.
LOVE....TRUTH.....and and the same.

bonya basu | Wed, 04/13/2011 - 10:25