Seeking Guidance in Deity Worship

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I am a 44 year old American man. I've taken an interest in Hindu spirituality and culture for some time now. Along the way, I've acquired several brass and bronze murtis. I take care of keeping Them clean but I know very little concerning how to properly serve them.
It would be a blessing to corespond with someone who would be willing to give me a bit of guidance. Thank you.

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Free style

The beauty of serving these murtis and bhakti in general in Hinduism is that you can do whatever you like as long as it's sincere. There are numerous versions and protocols in different sub-paths and places in India.

The way is to tailor your personal protocol service that reflects authentically your connection to these objects and follow it.

Jibanda | Sun, 03/16/2014 - 05:08
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Pran Pratishtha or Making Murtis come alive

When we love something it is as if one has infused life in relationship with that thing. We usually celebrate such occasions in some formal or informal way like birthday or anniversary etc.

There is a traditional puja or prayer ceremony done to invoke and invite the deities to come and reside in the symbols.

Once the deity has come alive by this invoking it has to be regarded as a living person and attended to with devotion as one would to a living person that is offer it meals and wake the deity up or put it to sleep or rest.

joejo | Mon, 03/17/2014 - 04:39