Seeker must decide, what he is seeking before hand

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Whatever seen,known,believed and experienced of the universe, as an individual are within the 'I'. Thus limiting the 'I' only to the physical entity is the main obstacle in pursuit of truth.

People are focusing their attention on the ego and bliss, and trying hard to overcome the ego and experince the bliss. But on the base of truth, such claims are mission impossible. Even if they have achieved such state it is limits to the individual,who is bound by form,time and space.

Man is not aware of the fact that, he and his experince of the world are with in the mind. They limit the 'I' to physical entity, and try to know what 'T' is. Thus they become stagnant and imagine their own truth, and trying to prove it by the books they have read and whatever they have herd.

Thus it is necessary for every seeker to decide, what he is seeking before hand.

If he wants to get rid of the ego, and experince bliss then Yoga is right thing for him.

If he is seeking mental peace he has to indulge in meditation.

If seeker is seeking mystic experince he has to follow mystics.

If seeker is seeking God, he must indulge in god and guru glorification and religious rituals and prayers.

If seeker is found o intellectual and logical ventures he must indulge in theoretical paths and philosophy.

If he wants to know about What 'I' is he must indulge in self inquiry and I AM TAHT. They help him to unfold and realize many things. And the seed of doubts will lead him to think and doubt about his own existence.

If seeker wants unfold the mystery of the mind or 'I', then he has to indulge in truth pursuit, through inquiry,analysis and reasoning.

There is no use of mixing up everything and try to express their own opinion and arguing, 'I am right and he is wrong"attitude.Since every field is based on its own base, there is no use of condemn each others view point, which will yield no results.

In pursuit of truth it is necessary for truth seeker to know, how and why? religion, theories and yoga and scriptures are obstacles?, to overcome the fatter on the way, only to understand not for condemning them.

It is better to seek, discuss and argue in their own respective field, so that more fruits may yield from it.It is better to observe silence rather than answering the questions from those, who are still not sure what they are seeking. And they will not understand others and expect the answers to fit their own mindset.