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Once one king had a religious bent of mind, one day he attended some religious discourses of one Guru, as he was highly impressed with truthful sermons, at the end of Sat Sang, Guru offered nectar to the king as a visitor, king thought of low caste of Guru and hated water being posed as nectar, Guru poured nectar on his hands to be drunk, thinking it as polluted water he threw it down through the gap in both the hands together, as a result, nectar fell on the clothes of king and it left indelible blots on the clothes.

After reaching home, king sent the clothes to washerman for washing, the indelible blots could not be removed, daughter of the washerman sucked the blots for their removal, the moment she sucked the blots, she was enlightened, she could tell as to what was happening in the distant places, All this came to the notice of king, he enquired from the girl as to how she got this spiritual power, She told him that the moment she sucked blots on his clothes, she was enlightened, king repented, he realised that he had wasted nectar taking it as water of low caste saint.


Again he went to Guru and begged apology for throwing nectar, He prayed Guru to give him the same again. Guru told him that he had missed the opportunity, as the nectar was not available now, However, on his insistence, Guru initiated him and made him his disciple, King worshipped God as guided by Guru, As a result of Divine devotion he became emancipated. Other members of his family and many visitors also became followers of Guru.

Well...the name of this guru is "SAINT RAVIDASS", he was leatherman by work and caste, and the name of king was "KING-PIPA", and now this story of guru and disciple is famous in entire history.

_/\_ Jasdir.

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I love the fact

I love the fact that the king's folly gave the washerman's daughter the chance for then the gift of enlightenment.

It is neither this nor that.


Gilana | Sun, 05/22/2011 - 18:00
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Dear Sister

But dear sister Gilana ji
I love your "Namaste"


jasdir singh jaura | Wed, 05/25/2011 - 11:06