Secularism, Socialism and Spiritual knowledge

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Secularism, Socialism and Spiritual knowledge

In Ayurveda, the Indian medicine – treatment of cause is given
More importance, called as “Nidanam”, - if cause is not cured,
The disease is not cured at all – symptoms appear again and again
As long as the disease exists, – disease is permanently cured only
When its cause is cured, - spiritual knowledge cures cause.
The efforts of secular Government – are not controlling even
The symptoms, not to speak of cause, – ancient kings were wise.
Secularism is not understood, – it means taking medicine from
Bottles of different colors equally, – today secularism means
Not to take medicine from any bottle, – disease is never cured.

Nivrutti or spiritual knowledge – is the basis for Pravrutti or society.
Social justice and peace become - eternal and real in this society
Only when the spiritual knowledge – of all religions is stressed upon.
If you avoid the religion, – the spiritual knowledge is also avoided.
Universal spirituality is taking medicine – from bottles of various colors.
Spiritual knowledge is collected – from various religions on earth here.
This is impartiality while getting – the benefit of using the medicine.
Secularism is really this only, – but today secularism is misunderstood.
Today it is the impartiality – by not taking medicine from any bottle!
Impartiality is achieved, no doubt, – but there is no use of medicine,
As medicine is avoided from all bottles – for the fear of partiality!
When impartiality can be achieved – by another useful way, then,
Why do you choose useless way – to achieve same impartiality?

You are trying to bring socialism, – it is the middle golden path
Between the extreme ends of – the capitalism and the communism.
Socialism was perfectly achieved – in India in the ancient times.
The reason was that spiritualism – stood as support for socialism.
Rich people donated to poor liberally – by assimilating spiritualism.
Poor people were always contented – by understanding spiritualism.
Today neither rich donate to poor, – nor poor is contented at anytime!