Secrets of Tirumantiram, an ancient Tamil classic-1 Tirumoolar’s Kundalini Techniques:

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What is Kundalini? Kundalini or Serpent Power or Chakra Power is a natural power that lies in each and every human being. Then what is so special about it?

This energy is responsible for our consciousness to rise to higher levels. This is responsible for the evolution of man. From Homo erectus to Homo sapiens, that is from monkey to man, this energy was responsible for our consciousness to bloom. The same energy can help us take a step further, from Homo sapiens to Homo angelicus, from man to superman.

So, what is consciousness? Consciousness is energy flowing around the boundary. And self-consciousness is energy flowing towards the center. Every material object, including a white dot on a black board has consciousness, since it has a shape and a boundary, energy flowing through it. All objects have a center, a nucleus, and the energy flows towards the center. And they are self-conscious too.
Then what is the difference between the consciousness of a rock and that of a man?

A rock does its duty. When a man takes it in his hand it does not object it. Whether he makes a weapon or a sculpture out of it, the rock never discusses or opposes his choice. It purely submits itself in the hand of a man, a total surrender this is, which we humans all lack.
Similarly all material objects have a single consciousness to surrender, to serve their purposes for which they are made or born in this universe. This is called Zero level of consciousness.

Then came so called ‘life’, a next step in the evolution of a rock. (We think a rock has no life, but when we go deeper and see, we can see electrons and protons very active with life. So, according to our definition of life ‘the ability to breathe, grow, and reproduce’, a rock lacks life.) (To be continued)

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Like it!!!!

Very good post!

Difference of consciousness between rock and man.
Surrenderness of Rock and Man.

I think we have to learn a lot from the 'NATURE'.

Thank you.

bonya basu | Tue, 05/17/2011 - 09:21
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Thank you Bonya Basu for

Thank you Bonya Basu for visiting my blog and commenting!

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