Secret Parting

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I understand the hesitancy that we all must
feel at times when taking on the responsibility
of doing this work ourselves alone. Parting with
self-importance comes about as inevitably as
moisture falls from the sky on to the earth, there
is no forced effort in awakening. Knowing when
to be still knowing when to wait and rest, like the
sun which shines unchanging even through
the darkness of night.
"Resting when it is time to rest is what is referred to by
the saying 'If you want to take, you must give.' This is
particularly critical when 'thunder' goes into 'lake', when
the killing force is strong and the vivifying force is weak -
this is the extreme of darkness.If you impetuously set to
work at this juncture, not only will the vivifying force not
return, but this will stimulate the killing force to go out of
"So just 'go inside and rest when the sun goes down,' first
be still before you act. The active follows the passive, the
passive then follows the active; taking over this mechanism
is imperceptiple to anyone."

"Observing the firing process trodden, considering the balance
of gravity and energy in the medicinal substances, proceeding in
an orderly manner, completing the cycle from start to finish,"
like treading on a tiger's tail "completing the beginning and the
end, one aims to reach the merging of yin and yang in complete
original wholeness... treading the Path consummating the
beginning and completing the end."

"So the path of advancing yang requires flexibility within firmness
and firmness within flexibility. It is important that firmness and
flexibility balance each other, and one neither rushes nor lags
behind, but is harmonious, joyous, equanimous and serene."

However even, "with strength in proper balance, following one's
heart's desire without exceeding what is appropriate, treading the
Path decisively, without getting into difficulty - still when the
treading of the Path reaches central balance and the gold elixir
has formed, it is necessary to be upright and undivided, to master
oneself in danger, so that one can avoid the problem of losing
what has been gained. This is treading the Path in which there
is no one but oneself." How many students are willing to face
this challenge alone? "This path of development and achievment
without obstruction or hinderance through advancement of yang,
treading strongly with harmony and joy, is of great benefit."

Striking a balance without
obsession or indifference
as if treading on a tigers tail,
aware of perils, forstalling danger,
proceeding gradually
in an orderly manner
with harmony and joy
without excessive ferocity
'then the yin can be transformed
into yang, and the yang can be
restored to purity'

"'Lake', as the yongest daughter, travels the path of receptive
submission in place of mother 'earth', and is able to revert to
yang by the culmination of yin. Its nature is harmonious and
joyous. Being harmonious, it can relax; being joyous it can
trust. Being relaxed, it can go gradually; trusting, it can endure
long. Able to relax and trust, powerful practice unrelenting, it is
thereby possible to advance to the stage of indestrucable firmness
and strength, to again see the original face of heaven, and not be
injured by false yin and yang."

Words rich with metaphor speak clearly to the inner self, yet
what always amazes me, so few stop to question, in all my years
of writing, the depth of their meaning. But appear to accept them
(or reject them) at face value. So many lost opportunities for
open discussion.

In Spirit

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Water follows Fire

As a water year follows a fire year, moving into yin (accepting with no resistance) can be "refreshing" following the heat (Transformation - like it or not) of yang.
I wonder if I did not know that I was in a fire year, and that this year is a yin year - Would I be able to flow with the yin energy? Would I recognize do/not do and still be at peace?
Is the practice of the Tao to witness these yin/yang transitions and harmonize self with nature?

Dharmaparaa | Fri, 04/23/2010 - 02:17
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riddles and rhymes...

What is the Tao according to which filter
we prefer to employ? When it comes the Tao
of 'true eternity' there are few who are

It has been said:
“Sages are sages simply because of the application of the
principles of the I Ching. Application of the I Ching is accomplished simply by openness and tranguility. When open,
one takes in all; when tranquil, one perceives all. When
open, one can accept things, when tranquil, one can respond
to situations. If openness and tranquilitty are continued
for a long time, one becomes spiritually illumined.”

Book of Balance and Harmony

"The Tao of spiritual alchemy is none other than the Tao
of the I Ching, the Tao of sages is none other than the Tao
of immortals, and that the I Ching is not a book of devina-
tion but rather is the study of investigation of
principles, fulfillment of nature, and arriving at the
meaning of life."

Liu I-ming

"Although the words are very clear, yet they are also very
vague. The shallow may take the I Ching to be a book of
divination, but the profound consider it the secret of the
celestial mechanism."

Lu Tung-pin

"Whenever I see those whom the vulgar call devotees of the Tao,
I find that all of them seek to be taken in by spirits and immor-
tals, or they seek lasting life and preservation of wealth by the
practice of material alchemy or sexual yoga. When it comes to the
great Tao of true eternity, pure and open, tranquile and dispassionate,
there are few who are interested in it."

Lu Tung-pin

"When one attains what is properly nurtured in both action
and stillness, one can thereby seek fulfillment by
oneself... not relying on others."

There are no short cuts where harmony exist.
Building life apart from the conditioned mind
this discriminatory consciusness exist
only in temporal continuity which can not last.
Unaware of the unity underlying diversity
aberrant energy persist.
Physical, psychophysical or mental practice
conserve and circulate energy
taking over evolution
the four signs
strength, flexibility, awareness, and love combine.
This primal unconditioned awareness
the process of internal unification
assembled under the force of will
the five elements are assembled
truthfulness and sincerity harmonize
benevolence, justice, courtesy and wisdom.
Without triplex unity aberranted schools
become fixated on ritualistic forms or
become lost in the void of quitism.
Extraordinary fixations distract from
genuine intent whereby yin and yang
are combined deep within the dragon's abyss.

"When the fundamental is established, the path develops.
Once you recover your potential it is like it was always

Stillness is the substance of joy
joy is the function of stillness
sensitivity is the path of
harmonizing yin and yang
producing joy by stillness

“The true energy in people is like the master, acquired energy is like the servant; getting entanglled in yin and
thus damaging the real with the artificial is feeding the
servant and losing the master…”

I Ching

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

Toltec Logic | Fri, 04/23/2010 - 14:50