The Secret to Attaining Bliss

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"Wherever you turn your attention
you become.

You keep your attention
fixed on your problems,
your knowledge,
your desires,
your judgments,

then that is what you experience
yourself to be.
That is your prison.

All of your energy
drains into that.

But if you want to awaken
to what is beyond the "me.",
then you allow the "me"
to be as it is and
you allow your attention
to relax beyond it.

You may focus
on a mantra, a guru,
the shakti (spiritual energy)
the feeling of being
or even just the breath,

and then you realize
yourself to be that.

Even simply by allowing yourself
to be as you are and witnessing
that happening,
you move beyond yourself,
you become the witness.

Not in the negation of yourself
but in the relaxation of yourself.

You see,
you are always
getting caught up in the idea
that you are your thinking mind.

You experience life
from the presumption
that the thinking mind is what you are.

And from that presumption
you try and solve
an equation
that only exists in the mind.

So trying to solve
the equation
only keeps you stuck in the mind.

Trying to change yourself
into something different
simply keeps you bound
to the me,
it even keeps you bound
to the non-acceptance of me
which is suffering.

So just allow the me
to be as it is.

You allow the thoughts
and feelings and sensations
to be as they are
and you let it go.

Even just in this allowing
you get to the essence of what is here.

You see that the whole universe
is lighting you up as you are
in this moment.

The whole universe is in you
and as you.

You do not need to become
the whole universe.

You simply have to allow
yourself to be as you are,
allow everything to be as it is,

and let your attention
expand beyond the thinking mind
into that which is infinite,
formless and serene.



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Very much ENJOYED!!!

bonya basu | Wed, 04/25/2012 - 09:28