sea gull bliss ~ and childhood dream

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This other morning on the beach, a sea gull followed me all the way up the shore - flying in circles directly over me and making a constant sound that I had not heard from a sea gull before -

when I became conscious that this bird seemed to be following me and flying low as if communicating to me I stopped and sat down on a large rock - ♥

the bird immediatly flew over and landed on a rock in the sea next to me - we were connected one to the other - ♥

I sat there for a time - in bliss - bliss is almost constantly present now and seeing every thing through the lens of bliss is changing my life so much - ♥

Later as I was meditated on the seagull bliss I suddenly was given to remember long forgotten dream/s from my childhood, associated with the sea and the essence and message of the dream remained with me - it felt like this was yesterdays dream - ♥

I am learning to trust all and every way that Kundalini communicates to me ~ the kundalini signature in this exsperience is still present with me and still unfolding ♥