Scientific Spiritual Knowledge

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These days it has become a fashion to deride traditional sources of knowledge and like the craze for fast food take to easy new age spirituality and declare oneself enlightened, a trend, I suspect, in its present form is of recent origin and has in its grip some genuine and well-meaning persons. Reason and traditional method of instructing through symbolism was an excellent method though requiring time and effort, to understand the Truth Scientifically called Vigyana in Gita before a full direct insight. In this respect the following two quotations from by Al Ghazali and Gita are instructive.

"Scientific knowledge is above faith, and mystic experience is above knowledge. The province of mystic experience is feeling; of knowledge, ratiocination, and of faith, bare acceptance of the creed of one's fathers, together with an unsuspicious attitude towards the two superior classes". (Mishkat Al Anwar)

Gita Chapter 12 Verses 8 to 12

8. Fix your mind on Me only, place your intellect in Me; then, (thereafter) you shall, no doubt, live in Me alone.

9. If you are unable to fix your mind steadily upon Me, then by the 'YOGA -of constant-practice, ' seek to reach Me, O Dhananjaya.

10. If you are unable even to practise ABHYASA-YOGA, be you intent on performing actions for My sake; even by doing actions for My sake, you shall attain perfection.

11. If you are unable to do even this, then taking refuge in Me, self-controlled, renounce the fruits-of-all-actions.

12. 'Knowledge' is indeed better than 'practice' ; 'meditation' is better than 'knowledge' ; 'renunciation of the fruits-of-actions' is better than 'meditation' ; peace immediately follows 'renunciation. '