The scientific process of Kriya Pranayama & Kundalini Shakti

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Once Shakti begins to circulate, as a result of succesful Kriya pranayama practice, it will continue to circulate as directed by the inner intelligence.
The result is a feeling of joy, tranquility and harmony with life.
Even a little practice of this Kriya pranayama will result in thought-free calmness and serenity.
It is during this calmness that one experiences benficial inner changes.
Some will experience dynamic movement in the spine and brain when they practice kriya pranayama, while others will feel hardly any movement. Just the same, if the process is practiced correctly as taught by the Guru, inner changes will take place, the chakras will be effortlessly purified by the divine Shakti, and the internal circulation of subtle currents in the spinal cord will be free and clear.
When Kriya pranayama is practiced correctly,one need not dramatize the movements of Shakti.
It is better to remain poised and calm, and let the currents move in the deeper channels than it is to become emotional and physically demonstrative.
When one is initiated into the practice of Kriya pranayama instruction is given, so that the Kundalini's upward movement is easy and free, so that the current moves along its upward path with out any obstacles or troubles.
When the dormant kundalini forces awaken from the lower chakras with correct Kriya pranayama practice that cause them to move flow upward, you may also perceive inner light.
By concentrating at the spiritual eye, with breath motionless, one can learn to see the spiritual eye.