Scientific Methods of Meditation

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Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga method of meditation is a meditation technique or meditation method which is giving on the spot results just like a modern science experiment. Surprisingly in contrast to the fact that majority of Spiritual Guru's are minting money in the name of Yoga, Guru Siyag offers Siddha Yoga Shaktipaat Diksha to every interested Human Being absolutely FREE OF COST.
This method of meditation aims at spiritual evolution along with holistic healing finally aiming at the complete or the next development of Human Beings to attain a Divine bodily form. Guru Siyag's Siddha yoga method of meditation is based on the ancient Indian Yoga Philosophy of Maharishi Patanjali. In todays world Yoga has been misdefined, misrepresented and limited as a mere physical exercise to cure diseases, to mint money in the name of Yoga and Patanjali. The reality is that the Real Patanjali Yoga had nothing to do with Diseases, it's one and only aim was spiritual evolution, salvation, enlightenment or self realization and visualization. Yoga means "Aatma aur Parmatma ka milan" the union of soul and the universal consciousness force.
Another Big misrepresentation about the Yoga is that it has been presented as a process which is learned, practiced and carried out by a practitioner with his or her mental and physical effort, where as the reality is that the Yoga is INDUCED AND CONTROLLED BY THE AWAKENED KUNDALINI SHAKTI, WITHOUT ANY MENTAL OR PHYSICAL EFFORT FROM PRACTITIONERS SIDE, YES, OUR BODY UNDERGOES AUTOMATIC YOGIC KRIYAS, MUDRASA, AASANAS OR PRANAYAM WITHOUT ANY EFFORT FROM OUR SIDE. This fact can be verified in just 15 minutes by following simple "Method of Meditation" available for Free Download on
When we say without our effort or automatic kundalini controlled yoga, it means that we dont have to learn nor practice for days to get the result from Guru Siyag Method of Meditation.
Another Surprising fact is that the KUNDALINI IS AWAKENED BY A MERE PHOTO OF GURU SIYAG, it has never happened in the history of Mankind that a Photo of any Guru or Spiritual Power or God was able to induce automatic Yoga by awakening Kundalini, as we all know that even in the past, the Yogis had to do Tapas or practice for hundreds of years to awaken the Kundalini. So it's natural to get the shock when we say that Kundalini can be awakened by using a Photo of Guru Siyag, by following a simple Method of Meditation FOR 15 TO 20 MINUTES. Any way, we dont have to waste our energy in thinking about how can it be possible, because we can EXPERIMENT IT RIGHT NOW AT HOME by following the simple practical experimental "DO IT YOURSELF" Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga "METHOD OF MEDITATION" available for

Can a lifeless Photograph Cure DEADLY INCURABLE DISEASES like Cancer AIDS and Mental illness without medicine free of cost, Solution for World Crisis & Global Threats? Guru Siyags Siddha Yoga Method of Meditation makes it possible.
Being induced by Automatic Spiritual Meditation and Yoga body movements using a mere Photo OR VOICE of Guru Siyag as per the method of meditation, resulting in the cure of even Cancer and Aids, without medicine. The method of meditation takes only 15 minutes twice a day.
The method of meditation is as follows-
To start the real automatic spiritual ancient Indian Vedic Science based method of meditation, Just concentrate on Guru Siyag's Photo for minute, close eyes and imagine guru siyag's photo on the forehead between the eyebrows, simultaneously chant any one sacred word of your choice without moving lips or tongue, in mind. Before starting this, make a mental prayer to Guru Siyag for being induced by spiritual meditation for 15 or 20 mins. You may also see unlimited past and future during the state of spiritual meditation while following the method of meditation.
The systematic Method of Meditation -
Method of meditation step-1
Sit in a comfortable posture on the ground with crossed legs.
Method of meditation step-2.
Close the eyes and concentrate on the Forehead between the Eyebrows.
Method of meditation step-3
Make a Mental Prayer to that Supramental Force, saying that if the Supramental Force, Supreme Power, Comforter, Prophet or Kalki is Present on Earth, then I must get the proof, if the Supramental Force is Present on Earth, then I must go into automatic (Kundalini controlled) Spiritual Meditation for 15 or 20 minutes.
Method of meditation step-4
After this mental prayer start continuous mental repetition(Chanting) of any one sacred word of your choice(God, Jesus, Allah, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, etc.,) in the mind without moving lips or tongue, simultaneously keep concentrating on the forehead between the eyebrows.
Method of meditation step-5
Continue this process and within a few minutes you will be induced by automatic spiritual meditation, may even hear and see visualizations during this state of meditation.
Method of meditation step-6
Don’t panic if your body starts moving automatically during this process, these are the Yogic body movements (Real Yoga is induced automatically by inner spiritual power Kundalini), required to free the body from physical, mental and spiritual diseases of all kinds, these will stop automatically after 15 or 20 minutes, and you will come out of spiritual meditation into normal state.
Method of meditation step-7
To get complete results and benefits, it has to be practiced regularly in the morning and evening at any convenient time, empty stomach, before having food.
Method of meditation step-8
The time taken to get the results is very dependent on our Positive approach and curiosity to realize the truth.
Method of meditation step-9
No barriers of Race, Religion, Cast, Country or Gender, no rules and regulations.
Method of meditation step-10

The DETAILED COMPLETE Method of Meditation can be