the science to Enlightenment

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there is a science that goes way beyond science. It is called “Supreme Science.”

The Hindus over 5000 years ago discovered the Supreme Science
that revealed to them everything
that is hidden in the universe by “science.”

If there is a method to “realization” it is this Supreme Science:

Study all the ways thoughts cannot work – because they can only appear to work
and sooner or later this study will make reality vanish
into what it is: thoughts, fiction.

Really, Really REALLY.

-- O'no

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Hi Friend, When ill you

Hi Friend,

When ill you feel the sense of fire, surely after touching it. In the same way the realization may not be applicable to all matters(objects) available in the world. once you look inside you(chemical, mental,intelligent, mechanical,supernatural) powers are available there. If you realize them,just study the outside world you can co relate it.Both will be same. If you try to understand and have patient to read nothing is hidden.All the hidden will be a open book.


senjoyster | Sun, 07/04/2010 - 19:45

science to enlightenment

All the ways thoughts cannot work because their world is only in mind but if they command the sense organs to engage them to work then they work, otherwise all the thoughts have been imaginations only ---- that is really, really, really your fiction, fictions, fiction beyond fictions just as having been spoken science beyond sciences.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 07:02
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Any kind of science is the opposite of spirituality

Why a need for science? There is nothing more estranged to spirituality then rules, knowledge and methods. These are mind in disguise promoted by ignorant religious clerks.

Just be. And if you can't - just meditate. At some point throw away all the books and the desires - including the desire to know or achieve anything spiritually.

dora | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 10:57
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Spirituality not opposed to science

I don't think it would be appropriate to say that spirituality is opposed to science or a scientific attitude.

If it was so simple as just be then all the teaching or guru or this forum itself would be superfluous. To unburden or set aside the accumulated conditioning without acquiring any new one is both a science and an art.

Some maintain that like one lamp lighting the other spirituality could be transmitted as concretely as matter. In any case teaching are passed on in a succession of guru and disciple. That there may be laws that govern this which may be known to the adepts cannot be denied.

joejo | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 16:29

Spirituality not opposed to science

Yes, It seems true spirituality in genuineness is not opposed to science.

NIDHI PARKASH | Wed, 07/07/2010 - 17:30