Science of Absolute LIFE

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They say that there is nothing more Powerful than an Idea whose time has come, well then, in a few more decades maybe the world will be ready for what I am talking about right now.

The Science of Absolute Life, the Quantum Mechanical Study of the Name Christ Jesus, the Quantum Physiology of the Body of Christ, the Quantum Covenant of Immortal Life, Divine Genetics, Transcendental Nation, Celestial Empire, GAP Theory, Positronic Life Force Principle and the Unified Field what do you think all these things mean if not that they are a part of the Science of Absolute Life???

Immortology™ is what I call it, and it is the Science of Absolute Life otherwise known as the Truth of the Gospel. The only problem is that this is an idea it would seem whose time has not yet come, too Universal for the Christians and too Christian for the Universalist, too scientific for the religious and too religious for the scientist, too Hard Core for the philosophers and too philosophical for the hard cores.

So what am I to do, I have all these Radical Notions which no one has ever heared about and if you tie them all together into a comprehensive whole you get what is running through my mind when I say the Science of Absolute Life. Now this is not to say that I am not missing anything or that there is no room for improvement with my theories because such is far from the case. There are many details which fit nestled snug within the parameters of my theoretical construct but which have yet to be integrated within their specific function due to the overarching need to maintain the holistic totality in my own thinking since I have no outlet of expression in any real sense of the word by which to display the Manifold Singularity of this technology in depth. Oh well, keep on keeping on I suppose because I have come too far to turn back now and it is too late to stop this train without a derailment.

Hammer Down until you See God and then brake...

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So, let's start with the basics, I call that the Positronic Life Force Principle. The Positronic Life Force Principle States: The same Awareness that you are using to be aware of me is the same Awareness that I am using to be aware of you and Vice Versa.

So how does that work? Because behind everything in the entire cosmos is ONE Universal Awareness which serves as the background for all existence. This One Awareness interfaces with all energy through the Positronic Field which involves the information exchange and matter/antimatter transformations between the Non-motion of awareness and the process of change which is energy. On the universal scale this is perhaps difficult to explain, but on the personal level it is like an energy ball inside of energy balls with non-motion (Awareness) at its core as well as outside its spherical parameters.

Thus the Awareness inside of your ball is the same awareness as inside of my ball as well as the same awareness which exists between our balls... Pretty simple right???

Are we having a ball yet???

Blahnanda | Wed, 03/02/2011 - 16:52