Science's Chaos

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Just like Relativity, Quantum Physics is only confusing if the "Observer" ignores or avoids its impossibilities with all sorts of numbers and formulas.

focusing on Science's impossibilities
sooner or later vanishes confusion
without ever the need for one formula or even one number,
not even the number 0, zero.
-- O'no

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Scorning or disregarding the numbers and formulas which are what derives the conclusions of the quantum theory is very convenient but very dangerous because then you can allow yourself not to be accurate with stating these conclusions.

An example is the popular argument that quantum physics says that the subject influences the observed object (anyone familiar with the subject knows that it is not exactly what it says)

shond | Tue, 04/21/2009 - 14:14
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subject v's Object

"(anyone familiar with the subject knows that it is not exactly what it says)" -- everything in Quantum Physics, including its Uncertainty Principle, tells us that there is only ONE way to EXACTLY read: "the observer determines the observation" and that is: the observer determines the observation.

Physics has few "absolutes"
the first is its "Uncertainty Principle" which is the root of all certainty in science.
the second is " the Observer determines the Observation" -- be it particle, wave or probability-cloud or....

the Hindus figured out this "observation" problem over 5000 years ago: the Observer determines the observation because the observer is the observation -- exactly like in a dream, hallucination. From this they gave the world their non-duality, Advaita, and its "Guru," Self.

And if that is not enough -- the Cosmos gives us the EXACT same answer with: the Observer is always at the center of the Universe, and also at its leading/expanding-edge: this is ONLY possible if the Observer is observing it-SELF, the Universe.

genep | Tue, 04/21/2009 - 20:36