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Mentally ill chosen by a few cowards they struck;
Against fundamentals of mankind and society.

Jehad against Allah's doctrine in self destruct role;
Seek a place in heaven with innocent blood on hand?

Living in hell these cowards await final judgment,
For Allah's wrath is infinite, punishment divine:-

"Soundless and endless."

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Poor mankind

It's a non-written non-signed silent agreement among politicians of all sides: I will make sure you don't get unemployed, you will make sure I don't get unemployed.

And at that point, we enter the picture.

All politicians of all sorts and levels, including politicians of religions, are mentally ill in some way or another, it is just that some are simply more sophisticated in disguising their mental illness than the others.

And at that point, we enter the picture.

sisi | Sat, 09/12/2009 - 20:58