Satsang with Maitreya.

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I want to talk about something.

Something that has no beginning or end.

Something that has no past or future.

Something that has no first cause or consequences.

Something that does not know before or after.

Something that does not come, or goes.

Something that is unborn and does not die.

Something that was, is and will be.

Something, when you ask yourself who I am, in the immediate seeing that there is something that does not change, does not develop, or evolves ... something that does not grow older.


I call it God and God is love.

What love is can not be taught, or learned because there has been no time that you did not know it.

What I am talking about has always been the case.

The awareness of the presence of love is inner peace

What is really happening is the unchanging peace that you are.

Only reality is true and reality is love, there is only the true self.

The world stage is like a movie that takes place on a moviescreen.

You are like the moviescreen, which remains undamaged, whatever movie is played on it.

Your thoughts, the subtitles.

What you thought happened never really happened.

In the boundlessness you discover that the other is you and you arethe other, there is one self.

We share the one self that is love, like one big family ..

Unborn, unchangeable, boundless, formless, omnipresent, unnameable and untraceable, no other you than you, that is what you are.

What is unchangeable is eternal and what is eternal reminds us of an invisible world.

To actually see is that you realize that you are all visible and invisible.

Heaven is you, an awareness of perfect unity and peace and the realization that there is nothing outside, or within.

You are the birds in the sky, the fish in the water, the sky and the water itself, the trees, plants, the sun, the moon, the stars, the things, the chair, the table, all the visible and invisible.

You speak with all mouths, look with all eyes and work with all hands.

We talk with the other, as with ourselves from God to God.