Satsang Excerpt "Ocean of Peace"

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This quote is from last week's satsang.
You can hear it on Youtube Here
It's nice to meditate to while reading.

"Whatever thoughts arise,
just offer them
to the radiance of this moment.

Any idea of yourself,
offer it to this radiance.
Let it burn away in this radiance.

You are separate from this radiance
only because of what you hold on to.

You think this thought is important,
this emotion is important,
this idea of myself is important,
this opinion, this knowledge,
this experience that happened before.
If you are holding on to these things
as something important,
then you feel separate from this moment.

But if you offer them
to the radiance of this moment,
then they burn away in bliss
they dissolve into peace;
they are free to dissolve back
into their true nature.

Do you see that?

A thought is never a thought.
A thought is always this peace
this consciousness.
But in holding on to it,
it becomes something else.
When you get involved with the content of it,
it becomes something else separate from peace.

But it is just peace.
It arises by itself
and naturally wants to dissolve
back into peace.

Have you ever seen a flying fish?
They fly out of the ocean.
And they are joyful flying out of the ocean
but then they dive back into the ocean.
It's just for fun.

Don't argue with me about the biology
of flying fish.
In this instance, in this image,
the flying fish jumps out of the ocean for fun
and dives back into its home,
dissolves back into the ocean.

It's the nature of life.
It wants to arise out of consciousness
and experience duality
and all of its ups and downs
and then it wants to dissolve back
into the ocean of peace.

But the realization
is not just to remain in the ocean
24/7 eyes closed legs crossed
dissolved in nothing.
But rather, to recognize
that a flying fish is never separate from the ocean.

Not intellectually, but to feel it.
Every thought every feeling
every experience, every action
is a movement in bliss.

Much love,


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