Satsang & Guided Meditation: Invitation to Peace & Fulfillment

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This quote is from last weeks satsang/meditation.
You can listen and meditate to this excerpt
by playing this youtube video.

It is a bit long (10 mins) but if you take the time
you might experience the deep peace & fulfillment
I am conveying in the talk.

"You can't do it with thinking,
you have to let go of trying to do it with thinking
and surrender.

There's really no doing in it.
It's just relaxing;
relaxing into what is already here,
what is already happening
below the mental chatter.

Below the mental chatter
is just consciousness, peace,
freedom, bliss, love.
It's all of this.

The pure, clean, intoxication
that is life itself.

You just keep surrendering
deep into this moment.

It's like those alka seltzer tablets,
you put them in the water
and they dissolve.
They dissolve bubbling into the water
until there is nothing left.

When there is nothing left,
there is just peace.

This is the offering that is in this moment.

Once you're in this peace,
even if you are just feeling it a little bit,
then you're home free.

It's just letting your attention
sink more into this peace;
into this divine intoxication
that is life itself.

That is not somewhere else
that you need to go to.
It's the essence; this moment.

At one level you can drink it in every breath
yet at another level its beyond breathing all together.

At one level it's what every thought is made of
it's what every thought is vibrating.
At another level, it's completely beyond thought.

At one level, it is in every action,
it's the expression of every action.
At another level, it exists
beyond all action as utter stillness.

It's the same thing,
just different levels of experience;
one level no better than the other.

But first we get you to the stillness.
First we get you to what is beyond thought.
So we can get really drunk together on life.

However you are is totally perfect.
It is just allowing that.

And in that you start to sip
you start to taste, you start to sink
into the peace that is the essence of everything.

There is no mental discourse here.
no intellectual beliefs, no philosophy.
All of that is ugly compared to this peace.

I'm inviting you to directly be
what you are at your essence.

Much love,


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