Sant Mat As It Is -- Light and Sound on the Path Newsletter, January 2012

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Sant Mat As It Is -- Light and Sound on the Path, New Santmat Satsang Newsletter for January 2012 -- GO TO:


In this first Sant Mat Satsang Society digest/newsletter of 2012:
*Links to Podcasts and Sant Mat Websites;
*The Ascension of the Soul;
*Spirituality Part of Daily Life;
*Meditation Improves With Practice -- Never Give Up;
*Do Simran -- Do the Meditation;
*About the Practices and the Ahimsa/Ethical Foundation of Sant Mat: Five Precepts, and Eight Limbs of Yoga;
*The Four Essentials of Sant Mat;
*Bhajan of Huzur Maharaj: The Secret of Life: Contained Within This Human Form Are All the Portals and Inner Regions of the Cosmos;
*How Karma Operates (Essays on the Bijak of Kabir, A Genuine Satsang Template of Sant Mat)
*Happy New Year 2012! -- Five New Year Messages;