sanatankriya 51miracles and a haunting

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A distraught mother sees a steel wire nearly decapitate her teenaged daughter. The doctors are not sure if she would live, but they are sure that even if she does, she would definitely not be able to speak ever again; and yet, today that girl is not only alive and speaking, but is also heard chanting. The doctors can’t believe their ears. “It’s a miracle”, they say...

A Dhyan Foundation publication, Sanatan Kriya: 51 Miracles... is her story and the story of 49 others who have been touched by life-changing miracles. ''miracles happen, if you walk on the path of Yog and have the continous protection of a Guru”, says Yogi Ashwini, the leading light of the foundation.

In a world that has learnt to reward scepticism and accept pessimism, this book gives reasons for hope, and gently, but firmly, pushes us awake from our sleep to a world of magical possibilities and a''real'' enchanted existence. This book is that wake up call…

Each story is validated by medical proofs attached herein.

Read the book ,it is amazing .

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wonderful book

This is an amazing book, I was there for the book release, every person in the room was astonished by the text which was read aloud, and the discussions that followed. The book is a must read for any spiritual seeker of any faith , or level.I bought my copy in Delhi. But the book is avlaible on the dhyanfoundation website. A friend just ordered.

Nitashaartist | Sun, 02/28/2010 - 18:41