Sanatan kriya 51 MIRALCES and a haunting

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The book cover is my photo in this entry , simply becasue , i'm so impressed by this publication. After 'autobigraphy of Yogi ' , this is the most eye opener book i have read. AND to top it all, it is about ordinary people , having gone thru a transformation. We have read in ample literature about Shiv being a transformer , and here is an actual account of how this happens. wounds have got healed, lives which the doctor s thought were lost, were restored. Faith and patinece has made sucessful empires for ordinary businessmen.The list is amazing. Yogi Ashwini blessed an ordinary business to become a leading construction company.A sucess story that every person can understand. Yet Yogi Ashwini traces the lives of these ordinary people well into thier other births. the story is amazing, the language simple and the feeling genuine.o wow.

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great book

hey ,
great to see the book on this website. Yes it is an awsome book , every person who has seen it with me has been floored. It is very readable.with many interesting observations etc...

nitasha | Thu, 03/04/2010 - 22:52