Samadhi, Kundalini, Self

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when Self manifests it-Self completely it is Samadhi
incompletely it is Kundalini.
-- O'no

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Kundalini is mother &

Kundalini is mother & Samadhi is Shiva,only mother can show the face of father.

madan_gautam | Sat, 04/25/2009 - 16:30
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Mother, Father

yes just like a magnet has two poles that make a magnet "One"
so too Kundalini/mother Samadhi/father work together to be One, Self.

so too with "sex": just like the Bible tells us with Adam and Eve:
the woman is the Shakti
that a man needs to realize who/what he is, one with the woman.

that is: without the woman/Shakti(sex) a man can never realize who he is

-- for this reason Religions have universally degraded the woman, shakti, sex, so that its men can never realize who/ what they are: One with what they degrade.

genep | Sat, 04/25/2009 - 16:50