Sakti - Understanding the Goddess

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Pure Primordial Power or Energy with Infinite Possibilities - Known by the Yogi's as Sakti...

Many of the Great Goddess Traditions of India and the World are veiled in Great Secret or Mystery. Actually in the Mystic and Esoteric Traditions what is considered Secret is Knowledge so Subtle that such Understanding itself is beyond spoken word and thus "secret".

Even as the Great Wisdom "beyond mention" is revealed through oral teachings - it's True Meaning or Realization is only discovered through deeply penetrating into the subject beyond thought. Sakti (Energy) the "Feminine" Principle is like this, so Subtle as to not be easily understood. Naturally this subtle nature protects the Very Knowledge Granted by Her (Sakti's) Attainment which has a side effect of Limitless Capability, Attainment(Siddhi), and Powers (Shaktis). This article will Initiate you into the Path of Dancing Sakti (Energy), bringing you further into the Ecstatic Awareness of Her Ever Present Embrace, and the Infinite Possibilities to Experience Manifest of Maha Maya's Divine Love.

Sakti is also called Maha Maya, the Infinite Field in which all Manifestation, Phenomenon, and Possibilities of Experience occurs. Thus "She" Sakti appears to divide or measure the Indivisible and Immeasurable Infinity of Consciousness(Siva).

This Maha Maya then is not an "enemy" or obstacle the the Realization of the Supreme Self. Sakti is the Very Infinite Power of the Self to Know and Experience the Self. The Great All-Pervasive Self Love which manifests as Sakti is the Supreme Self's own state of Infinite Omni-present Experience, Knowledge and Play. Manifesting within that Infinity of Consciousness the Infinite Space, Universes, Galaxies, and Living Beings - Always as One within the Totality of the Self.

Even as the entire manifestation of Phenomena is Examined -- it can be seen to be only a world of Energy (Sakti). Looking out into the Macroscopic view from Earth we see immense space filled with colored swirls, mandalas, and orbs of Light. It looks like a Mystical and Mysterious World of Energy. As we move to microscopic perspectives, entering into the dimensions of Earth, atomic, sub atomic etc. - we see that Inner space looks very much the same as outer space - Mostly Space with Energy patterns/movements, Swirls, and Orbs of Light.

This Entire Manifest and Un-manifest Show of Reality is Maha Maya - the Appearance and work of the Infinite Possibilities of Energy. Everywhere that the eyes look what is seen is Only the Goddess in Her Infinity, the eyes themselves and all instruments of Knowing are Her Power (Sakti) to apparently divide and measure the immeasurable Consciousness.

This is why Her(Goddess) Mystery is only Understood through Merging with That Very Awareness Itself. Even as One Infinity undivided, in That Very Unlimited Nature - the impossible is also present as One, Many, All-Pervasive, and Separate (Individual). The possibilities of Experience, Ideas, Angles and Views withing that Infinity is Limitless, therefor to Know Reality by it's unlimited shape-shifting (relative truth value) is not possible - for the wheel is a never ending Infinity. The Possibilities to Experience the Supreme Self - the Very Power of Consciousnesses is Unlimited to what can be dreamed. A never ending spinning wheel (Chakra) of the Ecstatic Dance and Ever locked Embrace of Pure Consciousness (Siva) and (Sakti).

The way to merge with and Know Shakti then, is not through watching Her ever changing appearances of Division, but instead to dive deep into the Unity of Her Mystery as the Infinite Possibilities in which all opposites, truths, and views appear. Not an Idea, a belief, concept, thought, or object of cognition at all but the Very Medium of the Infinite Possibilities of what can occur with the Experience of Awareness.

It becomes clear that there really is no Limit to the Power (Sakti) of this Great Mystery of Being. This whole thing (world life) is an Amazing Gift with Unlimited Potential (Sakti). The Goddess and Maha Maya which are experienced as suffering or opposition in ignorance, are none other than the Infinite Medium of the "Mother"/Self Love of the One Indivisible Supreme Being. That Truth of Infinity which we are... Our Limitless capacity as Consciousness to Experience Being!

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Thanks Darshan Baba. In a

Thanks Darshan Baba.

In a more practical and experiential sense there is a great discussion about the shakti worth reading:

carlito santo | Sun, 08/25/2013 - 06:56
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Read the Book:

"Yoga Sadhana of the Mother of the Universe- a Guide to Wholeness Through the Divine Feminine" for the some of the most - Direct, Practical, and Experiential understanding and Initiation into the "Secrets" of the Path of Shakti's Sadhana - which is available in the WORLD TODAY!!!


Jai Maha Maya Jagad Ambe Maa Ki Jai!

Bendiciones Carlito!

Darshan Baba | Sun, 08/25/2013 - 16:55
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Thank you Darshan Baba, I

Thank you Darshan Baba, I will.

carlito santo | Sun, 08/25/2013 - 19:28