Saints around us are the messengers of "GOD"

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176) Bad thoughts are always associated with anger. Therefore, keep away from anger for self realization.

177) The mind is a bundle of desires capable of transporting the desires like a rocket. Once the fuel is exhausted, it has to fall to the ground. Realization of this truth is self control.

178) Do not waste your time in discharging social obligations only. Time also should be spent in constant thinking of "GOD" to lead a peaceful life.

179) You talk more when you are not working. Create more work in "ADHYATMA" paving the way for self-realization.

180) Saints around us are the messengers of "GOD" sent by him to take care of humanity at large.

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Define "saint" But do not

Define "saint"

But do not quote sai baba, this has no value. define yourself.

Jibanda | Thu, 02/10/2011 - 17:56