Sai used to come to the rescue of many a people's sufferings.

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The mode in which Baba relieved son of Shri.Khaparde suffering from plague as depicted in Sai Satcharitra - 7 th chapter is heart rendering. SAI has taken on to himself the disease and freed the child from the pain and agony. He was instrumental in saving Dr.Pillai from the Guinea worms by fore telling and organising timely arrival of Abdul while, addressing him as a crow - as high-lighted in the 34th chapter. Sai used to come to the rescue of many a people's sufferings. I too have undergone similar experiences and it is my desire that I should share with my fellow devo-tees. Even today my eyes go wet when I think of those incidents of the past and humbly bow down to Sai with full devotion.
12th Jan. 1993 was the date as I recapture. I was suffering from severe pain in my right ankle and could not even walk. I called for his grace and asked him to save me from the crisis. It was at 05:00 A.M our cat was crying and on opening the door my wife found that it has broken it's leg and was limping on three legs and laying hard to balance and walk. I could not bear the site of it's suffering but at the same time, I myself was in a helpless state. It then struck to my mind about my prayer to SAI the previous night. By now I got sure that Sai in the form of our cat has under-gone the pain to provide me with much desired relief By evening of the day my pain started re-ceding but the cat suffered for 10 days.
It dates back 15th March 1993 when I had a Heart ailment. Doctors advised me to go in for Stress test and fixed up the appointment for 17th March 1993 at MEDWIN HOSPITAL. Electrodes were attached at different locations on my body. The patient just before me has already taken the test on TREADMILL and he faced lot of discomfort. I was skeptical about my own capability to with stand the pressures of the test. I prayed for Sai and looked towards him to share my burden as he has assertively said that - cast your burden on me and I shall bear it. I desired that Sai should be with me so that I can come out of the test successful. For some reason; I do not know the Doctor left the, place and another Doctor stepped in. I stopped on to the pedestal and commenced to walk gradually increasing the speed. The Doctor was bending down to make certain observations and recordings. As he bent down the, silver dollar attached to his chain came out hanging with Sai's image cast on it with typical smile writ on the face. I felt happy as if Sai himself has come down in the form of doctor to serve. The Doctor has told me not to worry and advised me to go in for evening walks and prescribed ALPREX tablets - 0.2 mg. Saying so he handed over a pack of 30 tablets for my use. The thought still lingers in my mind that Sai has come down as Doctor, per-formed the tests and given me the medicines.